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Barry Hanyane, a professor of politics at the University of the North-West, says that the conduct of Bathabile Dlamini, the former Minister of Social Affairs, is tantamount to citizenship.

Johannesburg The district court on Wednesday found Dlamini guilty of malpractice. The case is related to her testimony in a study instituted in the Constitutional Court on her role in the crisis of social support in 2017.

Judge Bernard Ngoepe’s inquiry into whether Dlamini should bear personal responsibility for the costs of the South African Social Security Administration’s dilemma.

The judge concluded that Dlamini had been circumvented when asked questions during the investigation.

Sheriff Khumalo pronounced the verdict:

Professor Hanyane says that Dlamini seems to have abused his power in her favor.

“It can easily be classified as part of the citizenship problem. Just because it does not include Guptas, does not necessarily mean that it does not carry the characteristics of a citizen. Our understanding of the definition of citizenship as much as it is different that interpretation could indicate that some influence has taken place, especially to those who are closer to power for financial and material gain. So it is interesting to see if further research in this case is unreasonable. “

Behind the bars

The court could see the former Minister of Social Affairs behind bars. Sheriff Betty Khumalo found out that Dlamini had lied at several workflow meetings and that her evidence contradicted SASSA’s Zodwa Mvulane.

The former CEO of SASSA, Thokozani Magwaza, also testified in court that the workflows were directed to the former minister instead of EXCO SASSA.

In December last year, Dlamini’s request for acquittal in her malpractice case was dismissed. The state demands direct imprisonment of the former minister, despite the defense’s arguments for guilt. It says the impact of Dlamini’s conviction should resonate with parliament and federal buildings and send a strong message to officials about responsibility.

Sheriff Khumalo will now judge the president of the African National Congress (ANC) Women’s League on April 1.

Dlamini has previously been convicted of embezzlement after she sued the public prosecutor following her conviction along with 13 other MPs in the Travelgate scandal in 2006. Dlamini was fined 120,000 rubles or five years in prison and an additional five years in prison. suspended on probation for five years for having betrayed Althingi by 254 000 Beds in service compensation and / or mileage claims.

Dlamini is still a member of the strong ANC government.

Bathabile Dlamini’s Conduct Equals Citizenship: Specialist – SABC News

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