Benefits Of GPS Vehicle Tracking For Personnel Management

Keeping track of personnel is a major job for any fleet manager, especially if the fleet is large. By using a GPS vehicle tracking system, this job can be made much easier. The main advantages of using a GPS tracking system are that start and stop times for employees can be monitored and reviewed easily, wages to be paid can be easily calculated, staff retention and management is easier due to driver profiling, and the system allows drivers to take the vehicle home with them if need be.

Employees’ start and stop time is an essential factor in managing a fleet of vehicles and drivers. With a GPS vehicle tracking system installed, it is a simple matter to keep a check on when a driver starts work and when he finishes work. The system will also keep track of when a driver stopped for a rest break, enabling the fleet manager to see that the drivers are taking note of any regulations concerning break stops.

Knowing the exact hours that a driver worked means that a fleet manager can validate the wages that are due to the driver and produce a written report so that the driver can see that he is being properly paid for the hours worked. This cuts down substantially on the possibilities for disagreement between the fleet manager and the drivers. Having a detailed record of hours worked also makes it possible to accurately calculate the amount of overtime pay that is due to the drivers.

One big advantage of a GPS vehicle tracking system in regard to staffing is that it enables the driving style of the driver to be profiled. This facility, known simply as “driver profiling”, gives detailed information about how the driver handles the vehicle, including the vehicle’s speed at any particular time and average speeds and routes taken. Drivers who handle their vehicle well can be rewarded, while drivers who handle it badly or break fleet regulations can be sent on driver training courses to improve their performance. This driver profiling aspect of GPS fleet management software makes for easier retention of good staff.

Another advantage of vehicle tracking is that drivers can take the vehicle home if they wish since the tracking system will keep track of the vehicle wherever it is, cutting down on the chances of theft.

As can be seen, there are several advantages in regards to fleet staffing when using a GPS vehicle tracking system. The detailed data it provides in regards to starting and stopping times enables everything from driver profiling to wages and overtime to be done easily. By doing some research on the best vehicle tracking software packages, you should find a package that suits the needs of your fleet personnel management.

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