Biden appears to support Amazon workers who voted to unionize

WASHINGTON — Days after Staten Island warehouse workers challenged the Amazon and successfully unionized, President Biden on Wednesday supported workers and defended their cause.

Trade Unions At the National Trade Union Convention, former Vice President Biden spoke directly to one of the world’s most influential companies, advocating for workers’ union rights. “The choice of union membership is up to the workers,” he said in a speech at the North American Construction Workers’ National Conference. “By the way, Amazon, here you are. see.”

White House press secretary Jen Saki said Trump was just expressing his long-standing support for collective bargaining and unions.

“What he didn’t do is send a message that he or the US government will either be directly involved in these efforts or will take direct action,” Psaki said.

And yet, Biden’s long allusion to the company’s efforts to discourage workers from forming a union, calling himself “the most pro-union president”, was one of the most blatant remarks about Amazon. Last year, Biden had his apply For warehouse workers who want to consolidate Amazon warehouses in Alabama. However, the president at the time did not call the company name.

“I’m going to make it clear that it’s not up to me to decide whether someone should join a union,” he said in a direct-camera speech posted on the White House Twitter page at the time. pressure campaign He was pressured by pro-union groups, weighing on the momentum. “But let me be more clear. It’s not even the employer’s decision.” the workers there narrowly voted against formed a union. Amazon also said workers had the right to decide to form a union, but the National Labor Relations Board has filed several lawsuits alleging that the company improperly interfered with the right to unionize. Amazon rejects this.

The success of the union movement at the Staten Island warehouse, New York City’s only Amazon fulfillment center, surprised many. According to the National Labor Relations Board, employees cast 2,654 votes and 2,131 votes against Amazon to represent the union, with the union winning more than 10 percentage points.

Victory comes at a precarious moment in the labor movement. Despite rising public approval High demand for unions, workers and pockets successful labor activityThe share of unionized American workers fell to 10.3% last year, the lowest percentage in decades.

Critics — including some labor officials — Traditional unions say they have failed to invest sufficient resources in campaign organization and often wagered on the wrong fight.

Amazon is expected to actively challenge the union’s victory. An unsigned statement from the company blog said, “We are disappointed with the election results in Staten Island because we believe it is best for our people to have a direct relationship with the company.”

Amazon has taken a bold step in hiring during the pandemic, which has raised a sense of power among its employees and raised concerns about workplace safety. It currently has 1.6 million employees worldwide. suffer from high turnover. T was the subject of the New York Times. Research It revealed how many of the problems, including careless layoffs and massive losses, at the Staten Island warehouse known as JFK8 last year, more broadly represent Amazon’s hiring model.

The National Labor Relations Board is suing in administrative and federal courts alleging that Amazon violated workers’ right to organize. Amazon’s main reaction to the union’s victory was that it believed the agency was losing its objectivity and supporting unions rather than becoming neutral mediators.

But the FDA said their actions against Amazon were consistent with Congressional orders to enforce labor rights.

Katie Rogers reported from Washington, Karen Wise in Seattle. Noam Shyber Donated by Chicago.

Biden appears to support Amazon workers who voted to unionize

Source link Biden appears to support Amazon workers who voted to unionize

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