Biden shifts drive vaccination strategy to resume by July 4th

Washington — President Biden confronts Delayed vaccination It threatens his promise to be nearly normal by July 4, revising his strategy to fight a pandemic on Tuesday, and mass vaccination to target young Americans and those who are hesitant to be shot. Shifted from the site to a more local setting.

In a speech at the White House, Biden aims to vaccinate at least 70% of adults by Independence Day and make a personal plea to all unvaccinated people. , Said to begin a new phase of the fight against the coronavirus. : “This is your choice. It’s life and death.”

Three months after the fight against supply shortages and distribution bottlenecks, the Biden administration faces a problem that the president says is inevitable. Many of the most eager to get vaccinated have already done so. The stadium’s vaccination site, which was once full of cars for people seeking shots, has been closed and is aware that the federal government is unable to use all the doses it wants to ship to them, once seeking more vaccines. It states.

Still, the government’s own health experts say that tens of millions of Americans must be vaccinated before the infection rate is low enough to return to what many consider to be normal life. I will.

The administration now wants tens of thousands of pharmacies to allow people to enter for shots. We will also order pop-up clinics and mobile clinics, especially in rural areas, where local outreach workers will spend tens of millions of dollars to provide transportation and support parenting in high-risk areas. Vaccination.

To build confidence in the vaccine, federal authorities plan to seek the help of their local doctors and other messengers, who are the trusted voices of the region.

As a new effort to match supply and demand, if federal authorities do not order the state on Tuesday for a full dose allocation for a particular week, the vaccine will be available to other states of choice. Notified that it will be considered part of the pool Order more. Previously, if the state was unable to order all the doses allocated based on population, the state could carry over the supply to the next week.

Biden also announced a new federal website and phone number to help people find the closest vaccination site to them. “We’re going to make vaccination easier than ever,” he promised.

If the Food and Drug Administration permits the use of vaccination, the government wants more vaccination. Pfizer-BioNTech Vaccine for Adolescents 12 to 15 Years As expected, by early next week. The president said young people are important in the fight against the virus. Because they are less susceptible to serious illness, they can still get sick and infect others.

Experts say The United States may never reach herd immunity, The point at which the virus disappears because there are not enough hosts to send the virus. And the president suggested that the country is still far from defeating the pandemic.

The majority of older people are vaccinated, but “we still lose hundreds of Americans under the age of 65 each week,” Biden said. “And many at once are getting seriously ill from long stretches,” he warned that the country would vaccinate people in the fall.

Still, the president said that if 70 percent of the country’s adults were vaccinated at least once by July 4, “Americans will take a serious step towards returning to normal.” It was.

To get there, Mr. Biden said the government would shift the focus from mass vaccination locations to clinics, pharmacies and other regional settings, and those who dislike taking shots or simply dislike understanding it. He said that much more coordinated efforts must be made to reach. It’s too much trouble.

“Most people will be convinced of the fact that if they are not vaccinated, others can get sick and die,” he said.

As of Tuesday Over 106 million people have been fully vaccinated in the United States And more than 56 percent (or nearly 148 million) of adults received at least one shot. According to federal authorities, this contributes to the sharp decline in infectious diseases, hospitalizations and deaths in all age groups.

But despite the flood of available doses Vaccination pace I’ve been pretty depressed in the last two and a half weeks. According to data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, providers are currently taking an average of about 2.19 million doses per day, down about 35% from the peak of 3.38 million reported on April 13. ..

By July 4, Biden called on 160 million adults to be fully vaccinated. That’s 55 million, an increase of over 50 percent. To achieve the president’s goal of at least 70% of partially protected adults, an additional 35 million adults will need to be shot at least once. This next step in vaccination is “easier because we don’t have to put together this large-scale logistic effort,” Biden said. “In other senses, it’s more difficult and beyond my personal control.”

The president was asked if the United States would support other countries that were deteriorating, and by July 4, his administration had “sent about 10 percent of what we had to other countries.” I promised. It was not clear whether he was referring only to doses from AstraZeneca, which is not licensed for distribution in the United States, or to national vaccine inventory. He also promised to act swiftly “to produce as much dose as possible from Moderna and Pfizer and export it worldwide”.

In the past, White House officials have been very reluctant to send approved vaccine doses abroad, sticking to the formula of assigning vaccine doses to states by population. Governments should move doses to states where they can administer faster doses because of concerns that rural areas and poorly serviced communities may lose to urban areas and richer areas where residents fire more aggressively. Did not want.

However, as the pace of vaccination slowed, authorities determined that the benefits of a looser system outweighed the risks.

States that want more than their quota could request doses up to 50 percent more, officials said. States that do not charge all doses in a week are not punished, officials say, and can request a full allocation the following week.

This shift makes little difference to some states that have routinely reduced the same number of doses that the federal government was trying to ship. But it may help some states that can use more than the federal government was shipping.

White House spokesman Jen Psaki said on Tuesday that the move provided more flexibility for the governor. “Even just a few weeks ago, when supplies were more restricted, we were at different stages of our vaccination efforts, and the states were most often ordering at or near full quotas,” she said. Said.

Virginia is a good example. For the first time last week, state vaccine coordinator Dr. Danny Avra ​​said the state did not order all possible doses.

Now, he said, “supply is outpacing demand across the state, and finding a way to vaccinate several people at once would be much slower and more difficult.” Dr. Avra ​​said the change “would be very useful for a few states that still have high-demand areas.”

In low-demand states such as Arkansas, you may find that the assigned dose is being shipped elsewhere. According to the data, Arkansas uses only 69 percent of the doses provided so far. Last week, a state health bureau spokesman said the state did not order doses from the federal government. Over one-third of adults in Arkansas receive at least one dose. Lowest total In the country.

Mr Saki said the government is working with the state to determine what settings make the most sense at this point in the vaccination campaign.

“We always value the best delivery mechanism, and if something isn’t the most effective, we make changes,” she said.

Biden, like people in other parts of the world, suggested that family doctors and pediatricians play an important role in promoting vaccination programs. If the Pfizer vaccine is licensed to adolescents, he said the government plans to make it readily available at about 20,000 pharmacies participating in the federal vaccination program.

However, some doses are shipped directly to the pediatrician, so “parents and their children can consult their doctor and get injections from the most reliable healthcare providers,” the president said. .. “Approximately 80% of people trying to make a vaccine decision want to talk to their doctor about that decision,” said general surgeon Dr. Vivek Murthy last week.

Biden shifts drive vaccination strategy to resume by July 4th

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