“Blind spotting” adds another shot to the summery mood of “Hamilton”

The Starz series features Jasmine Sephas Jones, a cast member of “Hamilton” who played a supporting role in the 2018 movie. The series features Rafael Casal and Daveed Diggs, as well as the script and starring role in the movie. It was co-created by her former stage performer, Daveed Diggs. However, as the studio suggested, instead of a series that continues the story about the male lead, the producer chose to shift the focus to Ashley of Sephas Jones. Her partner Miles (Qasar) was imprisoned. After that, I tried to get through living in the Bay Area of ​​California, to sell medicine.

Ashley moves with her hippie-ish mother (Helen Hunt) and her hostile half-sister Trish (Jaylen Baron), who has an online sex job. The series has a musical energy, with Sephas Jones regularly expressing emotions and fears by delivering poetic spoken monologues directly to the camera, with characters improvising dance at various moments. Rush into the number.

These factors-and the decision to effectively make the sequel a series rather than a movie-emphasize the fluidity between the two media, while the rather familiar story that a single mother was suddenly forced to accomplish. The flavor is strengthened. On her own.

The format also allows for fantasy flights that don’t go too far into the story, like Ashley and Trish spending a day of drug addiction exploring their souls on the beach. And a cleverly written detour, such as an extended debate in a later episode about whether Ashley’s mixed-race son has enough “black experience.”

It happens that “Blindspotting” arrives on the same weekend as “In the Heights,” a movie adaptation of Miranda’s pre-Hamilton musical, starring another “Hamilton” veteran, Anthony Ramos. Warner Bros. Pictures have received most of the enthusiastic reviews and hit not only the theater, but also HBO Max, a unit of both WarnerMedia like CNN.

In addition, Ramos, the real-life fiancée of Kefas Jones, plays a small regular role in “blind spotting” and co-stars in the resurrection of HBO. “Under treatment.”
Elsewhere in the stream, “Hamilton’s” Reney Ellis Goldsbury is one of the stars of “Girls 5eva”. (Diggs has another series of his own, “Snowpiercer.” Renewal for 3 seasons According to TNT. )

Hamilton, launched on the weekend of July 4th last year at Disney +, offers both a welcome distraction during the pandemic and a reminder of all the theatrical films diverted to streaming.

The film also served as a reminder of the wealth of talent that Miranda and his collaborators brought together in Broadway productions. This was clearly not lost in Hollywood either. And when the United States is reopened, these “Hamilton” graduates have the opportunity to tell their stories.

“Blind Spotting” will premiere on Starz on June 13th at 9pm EST. “In the Heights” will premiere at the theater and HBO Max on June 11th.

“Blind spotting” adds another shot to the summery mood of “Hamilton”

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