BNC rock star Rob Hersov will deliver a follow-up next month

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BNC star attraction Rob Hersov returns to next month’s event

Nine months ago, a South African international entrepreneur Rob HersovA clean speech at the second BizNews conference shook many cages.

The recording of the speech continues to attract support from a “gatvol” nation – the address itself has been viewed more than 235 thousand times on YouTube; its Q&A part has sent over 200 thousand downloads.

This weekend, Hersov confirmed he will perform a sequel to BNC # 4 in Drakensberg at the end of next month and will host the main concert of the gala dinner. His acceptance of our offer closes a great lineup (see list below).

There are only a few rooms still available at the Champagne Sports Resort, where the event is being held. To accommodate those who would rather be elsewhere, we have introduced a day pass. The option we recommend is the magnificent Champagne Castle Hotel, which offers a special rate for BNC # 4 participants and is only 10 minutes away. For all information, Click here.

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BNC # 4 houses full of signs have been temporarily removed. Some rooms have been vacated because our team has found other accommodation and some who book early have not kept their deposit. If you want to be there, here’s your chance. But please act quickly, as the hotel rooms will definitely be fully allocated soon. Click here for all information and to register your interest.

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BNC rock star Rob Hersov will deliver a follow-up next month

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