Bonang Matheba is not letting Rea Gopane off the hook after apology post & video

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Media personality Bonan Mateba does not allow local podcaster Rhea Gopan to unhook after sharing an apology and withdrawal in writing and video.

Former “Being Bonan” star is legal against Rhea on the weekend after his video became viral following the tragic death of her ex-boyfriend rapper AKA’s fiancé Anele “Nelly” Tenbe last month. We announced that we are taking measures.

In the video, Rhea and his co-host may be surrounding Anele’s death, and at her funeral, her father, Durban businessman Moses Tembe, may have problems with her daughter’s substance abuse. We are discussing ways to imply that we are sexual.

“We know AKA. Let’s not hide from the truth.

“Scoop (TV presenter Scoop Makhathini) says AKA uses cocaine and Bonang put him on cocaine.

“We know that AKA is obsessed with hard drugs because the scoop told us that,” Rhea said.

Rhea’s co-host warns him not to talk about his lack of evidence, but the podcaster continued.

In a lawyer’s letter shared by Bonan, Rhea said a public apology and withdrawal was required by 4 pm on Monday, May 17.

In addition, her legal team has been instructed to “request you to pay a total of R500,000 within 10 days.

“If this amount is not paid within the stipulated time, I will instruct you to issue a subpoena without further notice.”

Rhea went to his various social media platforms and posted an apology and withdrawal. “To the extent I have made a statement to a particular individual and stated or implied Mateba’s relationship with cocaine in the public media, I explicitly withdraw all such attributions and they made I generously apologize for being asked.

“We apologize for the inconvenience caused to Mateba. We promise that it will never happen again.”

However, Queen B wasn’t very impressed with the short apology and responded to her Instagram post by saying: LOL! Let’s Rock … (with heart emoji) “

In the video, Rhea once again apologized to everyone he mentioned in his video and said he hopes to get better in the future regarding the type of content he wants to produce.

Furthermore, Bonan reminded him of the money she was demanding after his accusation statement and said, “Now … my money (with a heart emoji).”

She also shared on Twitter that if you don’t care about me, I don’t care about you.

The owner of the House of BNG repeatedly asked her to let go after the user asked her to let go on Twitter. I’ve been dealing with my beloved head of state ….. Do you think this is a game for 22 years old? !! Not on my watch. not anymore! “

Bonang Matheba is not letting Rea Gopane off the hook after apology post & video Source link Bonang Matheba is not letting Rea Gopane off the hook after apology post & video

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