Bonnie Mbuli Bags An International Acting Gig

Bonnie Mubribag International Acting Gig. Actress and writer Bonnie Mubri is one of the many precious local gems that have exploded in other parts of the world, thanks to her unmistakable talent. Mbuli is reported to have bagged another acting gig in a well-known series in the UK Warlander.. Bonnie acts as a cop at the show.

The show’s latest season was followed by a police officer named Grace Mthembu, played by Mburi, who was investigating the murder of a Swedish citizen working in South Africa, followed by Warlander, played by Sir Kenneth Branagh, who was sought to assist in the case. Bonnie shared that her role and show are very relevant, as she doesn’t portray invincible police like all other shows.

“I can believe that what I really like about Grace Mthembu’s personality is her mother, who has a career in the South African climate under the pressure she faces.“She says.

Mbuli shared that everyday woman Grace has experienced many challenges and hardships, including her husband’s loss and living in Khayelitsha, one of Cape Town’s most dangerous towns. .. Muburi has revealed the honor of working with Kenneth. He is one of the most working people on the planet and she has the highest praise for him.

“Kenneth still had a way to act well, but he didn’t do it in an overwhelming or disturbing way. He can help the scene in a positive way, he said. He will help give you the direction of the scene you feel. He is a very humble actor and performer. “ She said.

Congratulations to Bonnie!

Bonnie Mbuli Bags An International Acting Gig Source link Bonnie Mbuli Bags An International Acting Gig

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