Botswana: Extraordinary Maciapet secures scholarship

Francistown — When news came in that the results of the 2020 Junior Certification Exam were announced, Ernest Maciapet heard a whisper that he had made a mark and realized his childhood dream of becoming a lawyer. I jumped out of the chair, keeping in mind that I made my second leap. ..

The first leap by this ambitious young man was when he won first class in Standard 7.

As a lawyer, he said, “I will not rest until I make the last big leap to carry out my mission.”

The 14-year-old says he learned through school life that challenges can be a great motivator.

While reading the exam at Ratwan Middle School, Maciapet told himself that the challenges posed by COVID-19 would not discourage him from reaching the upper grades in the 2020 Botswana Junior Certificate Exam. ..

The result of Masiapeto is the inspiration to turn challenges into opportunities, and I am studying in the hope that it will open the door to the university for the day.

Transferring from middle school to high school is an exciting moment for him.

“I worked hard in class despite the challenges posed by COVID-19, which I was planning to write for the JC exam.

The lack of learning equipment such as textbooks at school was also a problem. “

In addition to becoming a lawyer, the young Maciapet will write a book part-time.

He says his journey to achieve the JC exam was not easy, but commitment, patience, and patience led to excellent performance.

Maciapet also attributed his success to the support he received from his teachers, colleagues, his church, and his family.

“I am especially grateful to my teacher, my family, my church, and my school friends,” he said.

It was all a smile when Maciapet arrived at school for an interview with some of his teachers who called him “our merit.”

He is the only student to make achievements in all Tonota subregion middle schools, including Tonota, Letlabir, Chama Bona in Matanwane, Traborogan in Bororon, and Bonwa Truu in Cerle.

The young Maciapet devoted his success to his class teacher, Austin Gakugamazo. He said he was his main motive and role model.

“He was my main motivation and he always told me to work hard at school,” said the first person born in a family of two.

At his home in Toro, Mr. Maisapet also said that his mother had a hard time passing the exam, adding that he was always on his side when he needed help.

Kgakgamatso, a teacher in his class, described Masiapeto as a disciplined and hard-working student that parents and the school community should be proud of.

Kgakgamatso, who met Masiapeto in 2018, explained that the boy was always devoted, focused and motivated.

“He never allowed external forces to distract him, and he studied daily, a sign that he had a thirst for success,” he added.

Meanwhile, Kgakgamatso said Masiapeto was always helpful to other learners and was not surprised to see the benefits of staying focused from Form 1.

“He always dominated the award-winning ceremonies, and he was a member of the school’s debate club, making him a good listener and researcher,” he added.

School coaching and counseling teacher Pauline Sepotro also has leadership qualities in Maciapet and the dedication that the school used when it hosted the Boys and Girls Stories to instill discipline in others. Explained that he is a devoted student

At one point, Ms. Sepotro said the school turned to Lutwan Middle School for help because one of the feeder schools had a problem with one of the seven standard students.

To thwart the situation, Ms. Sepotro said the school chose Maciapet to talk to students, and those standard seven students listen to him and leave the exam. The result was positive as I managed to excel in the flying colors at my elementary school.