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Branches must consider leaders who will bring ANC back from the brink: Kunene

Thulani Kunene, who is running for the post of ANC provincial secretary in Gauteng, said he was confident in his candidacy and in the ability of the province’s chapters to select a leadership that would help the ANC reconnect with the electorate .

Supporters await the launch of the ANC election manifesto in Church Square in Pretoria on September 27, 2021. Photo: Abigail Javier/Eyewitness News

JOHANNESBURG – As concerns over the use of money in internal African National Congress (ANC) competitions remain, Thulani Kunene, who is vying for the post of ANC provincial secretary in Gauteng, says he is confident in his candidacy and the ability of branches in the province to choose a direction that will help the ANC reconnect with the electorate.

Nominations from across the province were mixed, with chapters picking their preferences out of the proposed slates that were rejected by provincial leadership candidates.

Kunene is on a list headed by Gauteng Education MEC and outgoing ANC provincial vice president Panyaza Lesufi, his direct competition in a list headed by Cooperative Governance MEC Lebogang Maile, along with outgoing Ekurhuleni secretary Thembinkosi”TK “Nciza, being their chosen candidate for Provincial Secretary.

The outgoing provincial secretary, Jacob Khawe, is also in the running for the post.

He said the majority of branches in the province had done what they believed was best for the party instead of sticking to the slates.

“There is a clear demonstration that ANC members in Gauteng want to save this ANC, they want to make sure the ANC remains relevant to people on the ground,” Kunene said. Eyewitness News in a vast sit-down.

For Kunene, who is also the party’s chief electoral officer in the province, he got a close-up view of the ANC’s downward trajectory at the polls, having seen their own efforts result in a near failure in 2019, which saw the party win just over 50% to retain control of the province and the continued decline in the 2021 local elections, where the ANC lost control of even more metros in Gauteng.

He said that even if the ANC did not live for elections, it was important for the branches to consider the type of leadership that would bring it back from the brink.

The leader, who has been described by those who know him as rooted in the communities he serves, has come to characterize himself as a ‘grounds man’, which manifests in his discomfort in the media spotlight .

“One of the things we’ve recognized and accepted is that our branches haven’t responded to people’s issues. They didn’t go there, they turned in on themselves,” Kunene said on the branches.

In his admission that things have gone very wrong in the functioning of the ANC, he refuses to blame the leaders, including a refusal to publicly examine the performance of the outgoing collective, but instead said there was no nothing to do for the past. , emphasizing that the task now facing the ANC was to rebuild, and how it could help shape what it has become.

“We know what needs to be done, it’s already resolved, there is no need for new resolutions, we have to have the will to ensure that there is discipline and the will to do what we’ve decided,” he said simply in response to how the ANC might come right.

Kunene dwells on the ANC’s constitution and its resolutions, insisting that these two hold the key to genuine renewal and bridging the growing gap between the old liberation movement and South Africans.

And while he wouldn’t share his views on the outgoing leadership, he appeared concerned about branch activities in the province, saying clauses that dictate branches hold regular meetings with community members , to develop their annual plans and to meet all the requirements to be defined. as “good standing branches”, were not tracked for these.

“We want an ANC that comes back to its rightful owners, the South Africans, an ANC that is outward focused, that doesn’t spend all its time discussing our issues, that doesn’t spend its time fighting between us, to fight for positions because unfortunately that’s what the people of South Africa see, they see us fighting every day and unfortunately and they see us fighting for positions and not for their problems remarked Kunene.

Kunene said if he is victorious, he wants to see a refocused ANC that understands its primary responsibility to serve and help people solve their daily challenges.

In keeping with his stance of not discussing particular issues within the party, Kunene said decisions about who should lead at the national level would be made at the right time and in accordance with regulations set by the organization, but he said the The team that emerged from the party’s national conference in December should be able to renew the ANC.

Kunene added that the ANC must have younger leaders at the forefront and reflect a fair gender balance.

“The ANC needs to look at the skills of its members and say these are the people we think are the best, these are discussions that the branches of the ANC will have working with regions and provinces to give advice” , Kunene said.

He set foot on the controversial withdrawal resolution passed in 2017.

“I’m a disciplined member of the ANC, once he takes a stand I internalize it, if I have any concerns I know where to raise them,” he said. Eyewitness News.

“As a member of the ANC, I will not go on a public platform and express views different from what the party has decided. If I have a problem, I know what to do. “, he concluded.

The ANC’s Gauteng provincial conference is scheduled for the first weekend in June.

Branches must consider leaders who will bring ANC back from the brink: Kunene

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