BRICS Summit Opens New Chapter for Cooperation: Chinese Vice President FM – SABC News

The BRICS summit on Thursday opened a new chapter of cooperation and showed a bright future for the BRICS system, according to Chinese Deputy Foreign Minister Ma Zhaoxu.

Ma, also China’s BRICS spokesman, described the meeting as a “milestone” in an interview after attending a summit held by Chinese President Xi Jinping in Beijing.

“Today’s meeting was very successful. It could be called a turning point that heralds the future. The President of Xi, who hosted the summit, held in-depth discussions and exchanges with the leaders of the BRICS countries on the theme “Building High-Quality BRICS Partnerships, A New Era of International Development”.

At the meeting, President Xi delivered an important speech and presented a four-point proposal for BRICS cooperation, emphasizing solidarity, cooperation in development, pioneering spirit and innovation, as well as openness and inclusion.

This points the way forward to build a high quality BRICS partnership and created a warm response from all parties. Participants have noted that under the strong leadership of President Xi Jinping, China, as this year’s BRICS presidency, has actively responded to complex situations, risks and challenges, made fruitful progress in strengthening BRICS cooperation, deepened BRICS strategic cooperation, increased influence “BRICS countries and made a new contribution to maintaining world peace and promoting international development,” said Ma.

The Summit adopted and issued the Beijing Declaration emphasizing solidarity and cooperation to further strengthen strategic cooperation between the BRICS.

“This meeting adopted the Beijing Declaration of the 14th BRICS Summit. It set out the BRICS ‘views on key international, international and regional issues such as multinationalism, international fairness and justice, cooperation against epidemics and the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. At the same time, it gathered many results from BRICS ‘more realistic collaboration and made plans for the next stage of the collaboration, “said Ma.

The BRICS has made significant strides in starting a new era in which China holds the presidency for the third time, Ma pointed out.

“This year, China holds the BRICS presidency for the third time and the BRICS China year has many highlights. Many realistic collaborations have been achieved in various areas, such as the global economic recovery, prevention and control of epidemics, the digital economy, sustainable development and cultural exchange. The BRICS partnership has reached a new level in terms of quantity, quality and importance. China has contributed to the development of high quality BRICS. This meeting has opened a new chapter in BRICS collaboration and demonstrated the bright future of the BRICS system, “said Ma.

BRICS Summit Opens New Chapter for Cooperation: Chinese Vice President FM – SABC News

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