British police arrest 7 people in connection with Lapsus$ hack

An anonymous reader cites TechCrunch’s report. british police Seven arrested for involvement in Lapsus$ hacking group, targeting tech giants including Samsung, Nvidia, Microsoft and Okta in recent weeks. In a statement to TechCrunch, City Police Officer Michael O’Sullivan said: In connection with the investigation, 21 people have been arrested and all have been released after being questioned.

Arrest news only a few hours later Bloomberg report released A teenage boy from Oxford, UK, is suspected of being the mastermind behind the widespread Lapsus$ hacking group. Four researchers investigating the gang’s recent hack believed a 16-year-old boy nicknamed “White” or “Breachbase” online was a key figure in Lapsus$, and Bloomberg was able to track down the suspected hacker after his attack. said there was Personal information leaked online by rival hackers. TechCrunch saw a copy of the alleged hacker’s leaked personal information, which we don’t share but is consistent with Bloomberg’s report. City of London police, which focuses primarily on financial crime, did not reveal whether the 16-year-old boy was among those arrested.

At least one member of Lapsus$ appears to have been involved in a recent Electronic Arts data breach. according to [security reporter Brian Krebs], and the other is suspected to be a teenager living in Brazil. The latter were so adept at hacking that researchers initially believed that the activities they witnessed were automated. The researchers’ ability to track members suspected of being Lapsus$ may be due to the fact that the group, which currently has more than 45,000 subscribers to its Telegram channel, frequently recruits insiders and leaks victims’ data, rarely hides their traces. In a blog post this week, Microsoft said the group uses brazen tactics to gain initial access to target organizations, including insiders of publicly recruited companies. As Bloomberg reported this week, the group took part in the hacked company’s Zoom call and even ridiculed an employee trying to clean up the hack.

British police arrest 7 people in connection with Lapsus$ hack

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