Bullying in the workplace is sexual harassment, the labor court has said

A three-judge panel recently ruled that talking about a bald man in the workplace is a form of sexual harassment. Also, according to these judges, talking about male baldness is a matter of gender.

The Labor Court’s decision to dismiss bald headlines as sexual harassment comes after Tony Finn – a former British Bung employee in West Yorkshire – filed a complaint against them after he was fired. last year.

As part of his statement, Finn said he was sexually harassed after his supervisor talked about his hair loss during the 2019 conflict.

According to him, the superintendent, Jamie King called it “bald c ***”.

Explaining the argument, Mr Finn told the panel:

“I was working on a cover machine waiting for a repair technician.

“Removing the covers, obviously Jamie King did this.” “When I talked to him about it, he started calling me stupid and threatened to throw me in the chair.”

The argument left Finn “afraid for his own safety,” he added, as Sky story.

The case was brought before a panel of three judges presided over by Judge Jonathan Brain, who ruled in favor of the defendant.

Damage to the mountains

Following the inquiry, the court found that the statement about Mr Finn’s baldness was “sexually explicit”.

They also brought up a previous case where a man was found to be harassing a woman by talking at her breast size, suggesting that it is more likely that women will experience such an end.

Therefore, men are more likely to be the recipients of the subject of baldness, even though women also have baldness.

The court also ruled that Mr Finn’s allegations were baseless.

“Therefore, the court decides that by referring to the claimant as a ‘bald head c ***’, Mr King’s actions are undesirable, it is a violation of the dignity of the person and claims, making it a threat, made for the purpose, that it relates to the sex of the person claiming to be. ”

The same committee endorsed allegations of sexual harassment, unfair dismissal and unfair dismissal but they claimed that he had been accused of age discrimination.

Mr Finn’s sentence is still pending in court.

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Bullying in the workplace is sexual harassment, the labor court has said

Source link Bullying in the workplace is sexual harassment, the labor court has said

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