Buy Bitcoin & Litecoin at Godex

Bitcoin is the most liquid currency in the world. Its value is constantly growing. Therefore, it is not surprising that many netizens are in a rush to purchase digital coins.

Different services offer more than 200 exchange directions. Here you can easily find a convenient option. Bitcoin can be:

  • bought for fiat or electronic money;
  • exchanged for another type of cryptocurrency, for example, Litecoin.

Conversion operations are carried out according to a simplified scheme and take a few minutes. With just a few simple steps, BTC is in your pocket. has large set itself in the market as a secure, anonymous, and easy interface for exchanging cryptocurrencies. It is not loaded with graphics, exotic financial instruments, and time-consuming certification – everything the user demands is on the principal surface, but supplementary purposes are also performed and easily located in the “stuffing” of the platform. This suggests that you have come to the appropriate place in the right place, which is why anonymity is essential to you.

How do I buy?

The exchange begins with the choice of the direction of conversion. In the table of monetary units, you need to find the icons of the given and received currencies and click on them. After that, a transaction application form will appear on the screen. The payer must indicate:

  • Virtual mailbox address.
  • The wallet number to which you want to transfer digital cash.

The client fills in the “Amount” column at his own discretion. For example, by specifying the required amount of Bitcoin in the box on the right, on the opposite side, the user will see how much Litecoin he will need to pay.

Having agreed with the rules for performing financial manipulations provided for in the service, the client proceeds to the next stage – payment. After activating the “Start exchange” option, the system will provide an account to which you want to transfer LTC. When making a money transfer, you should take into account the commission charged by the system for withdrawing funds.

Operators will start processing the application as soon as they receive confirmation that the money has been credited to the account of the exchange office. In just a few minutes, the payer will become the owner of the most popular digital coins on the planet.

You can easily buy litecoin and bitcoin on ltc to btc exchange online. There is no shortage of monetary units in the reserve of a web resource, so you can get a cryptocurrency at any convenient time.

Currency conversion is accompanied by financial losses. The service management has taken a number of measures to reduce costs.

The cumulative system of discounts allows to reduce waste of payers by 0.05–0.12%. The more exchanges a user has made, the less he will have to pay for the services of the site. The amount of the bonus depends on the amount of transactions made by the client for the entire period of cooperation. You can view discount statistics in your user account.

The affiliate program gives you the opportunity to make money. The project participant invites new users to the system and invites them to exchange Litecoin for Bitcoin through different services. The partner receives a reward for each transaction made on his recommendation.

Fixing the rate allows you to exchange currency at the price specified in the application. The fact is that the value of digital money changes every minute and can become unprofitable for the payer. Customers of the service should not worry about this. At the beginning of a financial transaction, the rate is stabilized and held for 20 minutes – enough time to complete the transaction.

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