Can Manchester City Do the Double this season?

At the start of the season, many punters rule Man City as a top title contender, and they’ve proven that they can defend their title. It has not been a straight season for the Cityzens, but they’ve weathered through, and there are only a few games left to win the league for the second time in a row.

However, with Liverpool on their ass, they cannot afford to slip up because it will be costly if they do, as the Reds have shown that they’re relentless even in the face of adversaries. But Man City’s fate remains in Pep’s team, and if they can remain compact, there is a chance they will win the league because their current point spreads line indicates they are the favorite to win.

The other bane is that they have to win the UEFA Champions League if they want to do the double this season. After getting knocked out in the Carabao Cup and FA Cup, their only hope of a cup competition glory this season is the long-awaited UCL cup. And with them in the Semis already, the possibilities are there.

But with them facing Real Madrid in the Semis and the possibility of facing league rivals Liverpool in the Final, we believe this will be a tough road to victory. But it is within reach. So, can Manchester City do the double? Keep reading to find out.

Tough Tasks in the League

The league is not won yet, and there are still a few tough games for the team. Although they are the clear favorites in the remaining games this season, the EPL has proven to be an unpredictable league with many underdog stories. So, it would not be an easy task for the defending champions to breeze through.

They’ll have to win all five remaining games against Leeds, Aston Villa, West Ham, Newcastle, and Wolverhampton Wanderers. Although these teams, in comparison, aren’t up to the strength of the Cityzens, it would still take some resilience and focus on going through them, especially with West Ham and rejuvenated Newcastle.

West Ham is in the race for Europe, and they would like to make it to the Europa League or Champions League next season, although if they win the UEL, they won’t need a top-four place anymore. However, it is easier to try getting a top-four spot instead. Aside from them, Newcastle, since the takeover, has been on a good run of form, and they would be a headache for the champions. 

Real Madrid and the Road to Final

Man City faces Real Madrid in the semis, and if they want another shot at the UCL, they need to go past the best team in the competition’s history. In their last two ties in the competition, Real Madrid has been the underdog, and they’ve found a way to push through them. As a result, they want to continue the tradition and make sure they make it to the final and then go for number 14.

We expect Guardiola to have learned from the mistakes of the previous two opponents to ensure that they are more careful and compact. With that, they can stop Madrid from fizzling their way through this time. So, there is a good chance that Manchester City will move to the final. But they might have to face Liverpool once more if they want to win the UCL trophy.

Liverpool is on course for the Quadruple

After winning the Carabao Cup, Liverpool is on course to win the lot. As they remain in the EPL title, FA Cup final, and UCL competition, they can go for everything, meaning they might have to topple Man City to two trophies, including the EPL and UCL. As a result, this is not an easy run for Manchester City, who hasn’t been able to beat Liverpool this season. 

They met twice in the league, which ended in 2-2 draws, and once in the FA Cup, Liverpool won 3-2 after an impressive first-half riot. So, there is a chance we will have a fourth showdown between the two teams, and this time it will be on a bigger stage. 

Our Thoughts

We believe Manchester City has the capabilities to face any challenge and overcome it. They have one of the best tacticians globally, and their squad is filled with incredible world-class players. So, we might just see them win their first UCL title this season and add another EPL to their collection. 


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