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Can Steph Curry Still Clinch the MVP Title This Year?

We are already in the playoff season, and the Golden State Warriors are a step closer to another title once they can win game five in their matchup against the Nuggets. The season hasn’t been smooth for the Warriors and Steph, but they could make it count during this playoff season.

We’ve seen GSW show how good they are, and with Curry, anything is possible. And we will also be looking forward to how they draft for next season, just like during the NFL draft picks. Winning the championship this season would not be easy for this team, and winning the MVP would even be tougher for Curry as he has fallen off the top charts. 

The Start of the Season

This year, Steph Curry was an odds favorite to get a 3rd MVP award. GSW was cruising with Draymond’s back fully recovered, Iguodala offered leadership off the bench, Wiseman was on track to fitness, and Wiggins made free throws. Everything was looking good for Steph at the start of the season.

Many pundits went as far as predicting that he would take the ring and MVP award this year. However, as we’ve seen, none of those two are an assurance now with so many things not going to plan for the Warriors. Even though he is still in it, there is a slim chance he gets the award ahead of Jokic or Embiid.  

What Went Wrong

Many things happened, and one of them was Steph’s jumper taking an extra mid-season hiatus, back issues throughout the rosters, and a delicate act to balance developing youngsters and winning ties that sent Curry’s regular minutes rotation into chaos. The team has struggled to keep up the pace they started with at the beginning of the season.

In addition, Curry has been stretched this season, and it shows in his stats. Aside from the regular season with GSW, he started the All-Star team, ran the offense, and lifted this weirdly constructed, banged-up to a 46-22 record. All of these have affected his standings in the run-up to the MVP. 

Current Odds

According to the current NBA MVP odds standings, Steph Curry is not among the top five players to get the award. Nikola Jokic stands number one with -263, followed closely by Joel Embiid at +210, last year’s MVP, Giannis at +600, Devin Booker at +8000, and Luka Doncic at +12500. We don’t see how Steph can go up the leader except for some incredible basketball streak where he does the impossible. 

As things stand, Steph Curry is one of the dark horses, and his odds stand at +50000, meaning that it is a very slim chance of winning the award. Even though he can get GSW over the line, it will take some doing to beat the players ahead of him on the log. Therefore, we might be in for one of the best showdowns in NBA history or not. 

MVP Possibilities

Looking at the odds and the games remaining, we can’t say Steph has a shot at winning the MVP. Even though it is Steph Curry, some things are just not achievable. Therefore, it is going to be near impossible for the 3-points god to topple the leading men for the award. His best bet is to ensure that the team gets the championship.

As a result, he can win his fourth ring and get closer to the all-time greats in NBA history. We will be following the season as it goes, and we hope Curry continues to break records in the league. However, we don’t think it is possible for the maestro to win the MVP award this year, given the form of Jokic and Embiid since the start of the season. 

Our Thoughts

The season has been incredibly hard for Steph Curry and the Golden States Warriors. We’ve seen the team go through a wide range of disappointing periods. However, there is a chance for them to turn everything around and take home the championship. But that would be tough because a few tough opponents in the league would have something to say about that.

Therefore, the team’s main focus will be to go through the Nuggets in Game 5 and see how far they can get playing either the Grizzlies or Timberwolves, who are locked in for Game 6. We look forward to how the season plays out for Steph Curry. 

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