Cannons fired across England in solemn tribute to Prince Phillip-SABC News

Gun salutes fired across Britain on Saturday Death of Prince Phillip Like a rush of compliments to a man who was a pillar of power during Queen Elizabeth’s record-breaking reign.

Members of Publicly bloomed outside the royal residenceIn honor of the 99-year-old prince who died on Friday.

The royal family posted on its official Twitter feed the compliments the Queen paid to her husband on the 50th anniversary of her marriage in 1997.

“He is, very simply, my strength and has been staying for the last few years. I and his whole family, and this country and many other countries, are more than he ever claims. Also owes a lot of debt.

The Queen has been on the throne for 69 years.

The military marked Philip’s death with a Deathgan salute at noon (1100 GMT). Artillery units in London, Edinburgh, Cardiff, Belfast, and Gibraltar and several naval warships shot guns.

Buckingham Palace will announce funeral details later on Saturday.

It could be a small private event that removed the epic events of the traditional royal family by limiting COVID-19 and hating the prince himself to make a fuss.

Despite a request to avoid visits to their dwellings in accordance with the rules of pandemic social distance from the royal family, people placed cards and bouquets outside Windsor Castle and Buckingham Palace overnight.

Read one compliment outside Buckingham Palace, “What a life! Thank you for serving our country.”

Read the front page of “We are all crying with you, wife” Sun tabloid, That rival Daily mail I sent a 144-page compliment to Philip, who died at Windsor Castle.

“Believed husband”

The death of “her beloved husband” announced by the Queen robs her closest best friend, a 94-year-old monarch who she can trust and speak to her freely.

They have been married for 73 years and he would have been 100 years old in June.

We have received messages of condolence from world leaders.

As Philip is officially known, Duke Edinburgh was believed to have helped modernize the system and assist his wife when the monarchy faced repeated crises during her reign. ..

The bells at Westminster Abbey in London rang 99 times. This is a traditional sign of the death of a member of the royal family.

The flags of Buckingham Palace and government buildings throughout Britain were hung in half-masts, and sign operators replaced the advertisement with photographs to pay homage to the prince.

The· BBC On Friday, the show was canceled on all television and radio channels and aired a special show that included interviews with the Queen and Philip’s children, including Prince Charles, the heir to the throne.

Philip “probably wanted to be remembered as an individual at his own right,” Charles said.

“He wasn’t willing to suffer from fools, so if he said something vague, he would say:

Philip, a Greek prince, married Elizabeth in 1947 and reported the news that his father died five years later while in Kenya. So she was a queen at the age of 25.

He continued to play an important role in helping the monarchy adapt to the changing world of the post-WWII era.

“I think he will be remembered as a modernizer in many ways, both inside and outside the palace,” said Simon Lewis, Queen’s communications secretary from 1998 to 2001. It was. Reuters.

Philip’s defeat would be a terrible blow to the Queen, he said.

“I think they were the most extraordinary partnership. It would be a huge and huge gap,” Lewis said. “He always saw himself partly as the Queen’s eyes and ears-it disappeared forever.”

Cannons fired across England in solemn tribute to Prince Phillip-SABC News

Source link Cannons fired across England in solemn tribute to Prince Phillip-SABC News

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