Cape Town, CiTi connects unemployed youth to tech jobs.

Cape Town Market Economic Growth Commissioner Alderman James Vos speaking to the CapaCiTi team and alumni.

that much Cape Innovation and Technology Initiative (CiTi) says it has trained 498 unemployed Cape Town-based youth through a partnership with the City of Cape Town over the past three years.

The ICT Skills Development organization runs the Tech Career Accelerator to educate young people in South Africa and help them find internship opportunities in ICT-related fields.

The latest cohort of 200 young Capetonian students graduated on Friday after completing the CapaCiTi digital technology program. It entails a variety of modules including systems and software development, cloud technology, web development, systems support, and network support.

Since its establishment in 2010, CapaCiTi has trained nearly 2,000 young South Africans in total, many of these interns already deployed in a wide range of local ICT companies such as financial services companies, digital marketing agencies and software startups. -up.

According to Stats SA, the youth unemployment rate in SA hit an astonishing 34.5% in the first quarter of 2022, with more than 9 million young people without employment, education or training.

CapaCiTi, through partnerships with funders like the City of Cape Town, which puts young people at the forefront of unemployment solutions, can have a significant impact on South Africa’s digital landscape and the future of young talent, the organization notes.

Fiona Tabraham, CEO of CapaCiTi, said at the graduation ceremony, “The City of Cape Town, as a long-time partner of CapaCiTi, has put CapaCiTi’s youth at the heart of our city’s future.”

“The support we received has allowed us to continue training and developing young talent during the pandemic, often serving as a beacon of hope and support to those in need most. I am delighted that over 80% of today’s graduates have a role in the industry. Their future and opportunities are bright in the digital economy.”

With today’s demand for IT skills far surpassing SA’s supply, CapaCiTi is addressing the challenge of local organizations to develop and retain a well-rounded and versatile workforce that meets digital workspace needs and responds well to the rapidly changing world of work. I believe you are facing.

Additionally, the study found that only 23% of technical occupations were held by women in SA.

CapaCiTi believes that ICT companies should hire more women to improve diversity in the workplace because more diversity has been proven to result in higher productivity and profits.

Tabraham adds, “We need to connect the dots between the in-demand skills and under-utilized youth assets that exist in South Africa by enhancing their skills through demand-driven skills initiatives for school-educated youth.”

To address the skills gap and underrepresentation of women in Cape Town’s ICT sector, the organization has ensured that 53% of graduate program participants are women.

Faith Kolala, City of Cape Town Catalysts Manager, added, “Ensuring a vibrant environment for stakeholders in the IT ecosystem has helped us recognize Cape Town as Africa’s technology capital.”

“This has increased the demand for young IT talent, and we are meeting that through partnerships like this one.”

Cape Town, CiTi connects unemployed youth to tech jobs.

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