Cardi B answers Tweep who called her son autistic

If there’s one thing about American musician and reality TV star Cardi B, it’s that she doesn’t take for granted mainly not from strangers on the internet. A rapper shares a hot hand with a Twitter user recently who said his daughter Kulture Kiari is healthy.

Many of his fans supported the singer who asked him not to think of trolls online.

Cardi B harassed Tweep who called her daughter autistic

Cardi B – real name Belcalis Almanzar – testified in 2018 after the release of the musical. Bodak Yellow.

Earlier, it appeared Love and Hip Hop and became known for his outspokenness and straightforward manner.

Despite reaching star-studded status around the world, the rapper remains global and seasonal, taking the time to respond to fans and trolls on social media.

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The star recently found herself defending her four-year-old daughter Kulture when her supporter called her autistic and said Cardi should pay more attention to her:

@Theminajprint user wrote, “Your daughter is really free to be on your Twitter account instead of making sure she doesn’t stick her finger in the store.” tweet that has since been deleted.

To which Cardi replied:

“My daughter doesn’t see autistic Ị You can’t call it ugly, so you have to find out everything. Go play on the road. “

Fans come in

The post did not prompt supporters of the 29-year-old singer to quickly defend him.

Many of them advised him to ignore the trolls. One writer wrote: “Mom stopped paying attention to them. That is exactly what they want. “

When tweeted @ M_Louise91 “Ignore them. Simple. They want to come to you, and you leave them ”

Cardi B answers Tweep who called her son autistic

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