Carola Eisenberg dies at the age of 103.Supporting the establishment of a medical team for human rights

A group of doctors, along with another advocacy group, Human Rights Watch, continued to expose public health threats, especially to children, caused by Cambodian antipersonnel mines. The report called for an international ban on those weapons.The group of doctors then worked with five other organizations International Campaign to Ban Landmines, 1997 Nobel Peace Prize..

In a posthumous statement by Dr. Eisenberg, Alan Jones, director of the Physicians for Human Rights, said, “The immeasurable number of lives she was able to touch, improve, mitigate, and save. Praised her for.

Caroline Blitzman was born on September 15, 1917, in Buenos Aires, the second of three daughters. Her father, Bernard Blitzman, had emigrated from Russia to Argentina as a baby. Her mother, Theodora (Khan) Blitzman, was from Ukraine. Caroline grew up opposite a slaughterhouse where her father was a skin executive.

After graduating from high school, she decided to pursue a medical career after being trained as a psychiatric social worker at the Hospicio de la Mercedes in Buenos Aires (now the City Hospital of Hostiblesio Bolda). Did.

“In order for my family to be able to do more than give a ticket for Christmas to keep a turkey, I had to take medicine,” she said in 2008. Foundation for Women’s History in Medicine..

She graduated with a medical degree from the University of Buenos Aires in 1944.

Visa complications prevented Dr. Eisenberg from accepting child and adolescent psychiatry fellowship with Dr. Anna Freud, the youngest of Sigmund in the United Kingdom, and instead studied at Johns Hopkins University with the following guidance: Did. Dr. Leo Kanner, Who recently coined the term autism. She worked with him at Johns Hopkins Hospital.

He then enrolled in Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, where he practiced psychiatry until he became a staff psychiatrist at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s Student Medical Services in 1968.

Carola Eisenberg dies at the age of 103.Supporting the establishment of a medical team for human rights

Source link Carola Eisenberg dies at the age of 103.Supporting the establishment of a medical team for human rights

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