‘Casper has entered the SK Khoza challenge?’

Another sex video of the mouth circulating around on social media seems to be a video of a man with an unattractive appearance and rapper Cassper Nyovest.

According to media reports, this video is old and Mufasa, as the player is lovingly known, will repeat it in 2020.

The video comes a day after SK Khoza hit the vernacular after a video of him bragging about an unknown woman became ill.

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Unlike the SK video, the retrieval video of this one is still linked to Cassper, it does not show its face fully.

The sex video released shows a man and a woman having sex together. Although it is not yet known who is behind the camera, the man does this look a few times to face him.

What leads to the video linking to Siyathandana hitmaker is that the man in the video looks very similar. Also, he wears a durag and has a beard, like a rapper.

“Haynina, this Cassper, is attracting SK Khoza to us,” one tweep said.

“Have you entered the SK Khota Challenge? 😳” another tweep asked.

Anyway, some tweeps defended Cassper and removed the video as old.

CASSPER response to VIDIO comments

When the video went viral in 2020, Cassper took to his Twitter account to address the issue as his fans tagged it.

At the time, the hip-hop artist was preparing for his own debut Amadimoni music videos on YouTube and then used the opportunity to promote it.

The singer also said she had a nose ring and a tattoo unlike the man in the video.

“I’m a nose ring, a tattoo on my shoulder, let it run,” said Maftown.[I’mfromMaftownbutm*ffingisnotmythingLol

In the section said, a tweep told him not to deny it because they did not find anything wrong with it, but Cassper responded by taking a screenshot of the Twitter pornstar manager to express himself.

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‘Casper has entered the SK Khoza challenge?’

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