Centurion is a housemaid and single mother graduating

Jane Thole has been an inspiration to thousands of South Africans since graduation despite her difficult living conditions. A single mother raising four children works as a housekeeper at the Centurion near Pretoria but has managed to pay her bills, put food on the table and take good care of her four children.

Speaking in a recent interview Thole revealed that he expects to pursue a Bachelor of Arts in Health Sciences and Social Services degree from the University of South Africa (Unisa) as a psychologist. .

Graduate housekeeper

Mponegele Jane Thole did not allow her small financial situation to prevent her from pursuing her dream of becoming a graduate.

So four mothers, originally from Thembisa, made this dream a reality.

Thole works around Centurion as a housemaid earning about R3000 from three families where she splits her time.

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Tells Short storyThole revealed that she always wanted to give her four children a better life, so she decided to continue her education without outside help except for food from one of the staff his third is Adele.

Using what little you have, do what you can

“I am happy that I got my qualifications because I never thought I would get here, especially in my job as a housekeeper and the need to take care of children, pay rent, buy food and pay Unisa. and the low salary I get, ”he tells the book.

Although he acknowledges his hard work, he praises God for making it possible for him to be successful.

He now says he has a bachelor’s degree, and hopes to accept Unisa to receive her honors degree next year.

Centurion is a housemaid and single mother graduating

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