Chaney Jones responds to Kanye West splitting rumors

June 8 is Kanye West’s day like today Donda rapper is celebrating another year around the sun and he seems to be celebrating with his girlfriend, Chaney Jones.

The Instagram influencer, who looks like Kim Kardashian, has unequivocally responded to the rumors circulating now that the birthday message is sweet for the designer and the recorder.

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CHANEY rejects broken rumors

On Tuesday 7 June, TMZ reported that Kanye, now 45, and Chaney, 24, ended their love affair when they visited Japan. The company also said that no one decided it was time to split up.

Anyway, Chaney has rejected these statements in an Instagram post wishing his “baby” a happy birthday and telling him that he loves her.

COO of the state’s Behavioral Health first used TikTok to post a video of him and all his favorite Kanye before posting it on his Instagram.

WHY did the rumors of KANYE and CHANEY spread?

The story of Kanye and Chaney’s alleged allegations comes a few days later as he is pictured with a mysterious woman whom fans believe is an influence and model, Monica Corgan.

Last week, people City of God rapper and blonde are on screening of Top shot: Maverick, Daily news reported.

In addition, Chaney decided to make Instagram a “clean timeline” when deleting almost everything he writes on social media, including photos of the rapper and everything. an expensive gift to offer with it from time to time.

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Chaney Jones responds to Kanye West splitting rumors

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