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Chaos as fight erupts at Canal Walk

By Mandilach Tshwete 12 min ago

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Cape Town – Onlookers were shocked when a violent brawl broke out between young people at the Century City shopping center on Saturday evening.

Multiple videos of the incident which went viral on Sunday show teens throwing fists and shouting disgusting profanity.

In the clips, four teenagers can be seen fighting as a man in a blue and white top and a woman in white and tan pants step in to stop the fight.

The brawl stops for a few seconds before a youth in a white golf t-shirt begins a brawl with another boy in a gray jersey and black pants.

Finally, the fight ends and the groups split up.

We don’t know what the fight was about.

Century City spokeswoman Tatum Sieni said security personnel reacted immediately upon being informed of the incident.

“Around 6:30 pm on Saturday March 6, a fight broke out in the Half Moon Bay neighborhood of Century City between two young adult men, aged 18.

“All Century City security response vehicles assisted by Canal Walk security were notified and responded immediately.

“No weapon was used and one of the men involved was injured above his left eye.

“The majority of the crowd seen in the video was not involved, but spectators gathered following the action and the site was cleaned up in about 20 minutes.

“The incident has been reported to SAPS, which is further investigating the incident.”

Shocked Facebook users lashed out at the young people involved.

Nabeelah wrote: “You know what I would do with it? I would send them to Pollsmoor for 24 hours. Every little one [guy] wants to be a gangster, laat hulle kan voel (let them feel). “

Another person suggested that teens supervised shopping malls: “No schoolchildren should be allowed to enter malls anymore without adult supervision.”

The incident comes weeks after a similar brawl at the V&A Waterfront.

There was chaos at the Waterfront on Saturday, February 13, when a teenager was stabbed in the back during an alleged gang brawl.

One video showed a group of young men arguing before a person, who appears to be holding a large knife, started chasing his companions.

The incident took place outside the bustling Victoria Wharf shopping center and onlookers could be heard screaming as the group dispersed to escape the knife.

Police said the victim did not open a case.

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Chaos as fight erupts at Canal Walk

SourceChaos as fight erupts at Canal Walk

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