China’s rising COVID-19 case raises concerns over arrest costs – SABC News

China posted a sharp increase in COVID-19 infection daily on Tuesday, with more cases doubling from the previous day to two years ago, raising concerns about the economic rise of the country’s strict control system. .

A total of 3,507 home-delivered signs were obtained on Monday across more than a dozen counties, up from 1,337 a day earlier, the National Health Commission said. Most of the new cases are in the northeastern part of Jilin.

Although the burden of China remains small by global standards, health experts say the number of daily infectious diseases over the next few weeks will be important to determine whether a robust approach. Its “detachment” – requires immediate detachment of each. it is rising – still effective against the Omicron-fast-spreading species.

The COVID-19 forecasting system of the University of Lanzhou in northwestern China predicts that current disease control will be achieved by the beginning of April after a total of about 35 000.

The university said in a new study published on Monday that although the worst outbreaks are the worst in the world since Wuhan in 2020, China could bring it under control as long as strong sanctions remain in place.

The Chinese business from BYD is a car manufacturer (002594.SZ) to KFC employee Yum China (9987.HK) says their industry has already introduced the country’s newest COVID-19 vaccine, anticipating more turmoil as the number of cases rises.

China’s unpopular approach is not only more expensive, but it also suffers from a recurrence against the Omicron virus, said Yanzhong Huang, a strong medical forecaster at the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR). the US thinks.

“We now have the two richest cities in China, Shanghai and Shenzhen, both under lock: how will that affect China’s economy?” he said.

Travel bans

Although Symptomatic disease was diagnosed in Shanghai on Monday 21, as well as another 130 asymptomatic cases, authorities have no chance, closing homes and residents.

China’s aviation authority says 106 international flights will arrive in Shanghai and will turn over to other cities from March 21 to May 1 due to COVID.

In Shenzhen, there were 39 cases of 21 asymptomatic patients. The government describes control weeks of the epicenter as “quiet”, with public transportation, marriages and funerals canceled, and some residents forced to take daily tests.

Nearly 90% of the heads of state who contracted the disease on Monday were found in the northeastern region of Jilin, which has barred 24.1 million people from traveling to and from different parts of the country in uninhabited areas. local police.

Jilin staff should promote the provision of temporary hospitals and designated hospitals and use non-operating facilities to ensure remote access to all patients and their contacts, local Communist license. said, quoting the party chief of the party.

The number of new asymptomatic diseases, which China does not classify as obtained, stood at 1,768 compared to 906 a day earlier.

No new deaths, leaving the death toll unchanged at 4 636.

As of March 14, China has reported 120,504 registered cases, including both local and international.

China’s rising COVID-19 case raises concerns over arrest costs – SABC News

Source link China’s rising COVID-19 case raises concerns over arrest costs – SABC News

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