Chips Challenges to Continue Until 2022-ZFCEO

Extreme poverty of chips scheduled to continue until 2022

ZF says it expects semiconductor supply challenges to continue from this year to 2022 as the world tackles huge demand for chips, the industry recovers and the trend of working from home continues, at least for the foreseeable future.

One of the many impacts of the pandemic is the huge demand for semiconductors backed by government-mandated home orders, both domestic job arrangements and games facing a lack of external entertainment. We are driving the needs of computers.

Much about whether domestic semiconductor manufacturing needs to be strengthened to avoid bottlenecks that are currently seen worldwide and are a headache for many industries by relying on overseas chip supplies. Is asking questions.

“”Basically, the entire industry around the world – [there] Demand was high, “said ZFCEO Wolf-Henning Scheider. Just auto In a presentation by a German supplier on the results for half a year from its headquarters in Southern Germany.

“”Launched in 2021, it applies to all sectors, including home offices with PCs and radio masts. Because of the need for these chips, the capacity needs to be adjusted over time.

“”I think this shortage will continue this year. By 2022, the program will need to be adjusted to make use of the capacity.

“”We are constantly interacting with chip makers and clients. I was able to maintain the supply chain. Due to their rarity, we have seen higher demand than ever before. These are exacerbated by a partially interrupted supply chain. “

ZF chiefs have partially mentioned the devastating floods that caused such a turmoil in Germany two weeks ago, forcing Ahrweiler’s supplier factories in southern Cologne to close for the foreseeable future. I did.

Seven staff members were on site and were rescued safely in the morning after moving upstairs.

A photo of a West German town shows a huge amount of home furniture thrown into the street when the flood tore its center. According to one report, 12,000 liters of water was pumped from the underground parking lot per minute.

ZF staff continue to raise and donate € 500,000 (US $ 594,000) in a very short amount of time around the world. The supplier has also donated € 500,000 to ZF Friedrichsha, a non-profit organization.

“”It will take months for the plant to be fully functional again, “Scheider added. “The assembly line needs to be rebuilt from scratch.”

Friedrichshafen show financial results Sales in the first half of 2021 increased significantly to € 19.3 billion (US $ 23 billion), up 43% from € 13.5 billion in the first six months of 2020, which was hit by the Covid pandemic. ..

Adjusted EBIT was € 1 billion, compared to a loss of € 177 million in the first half of 2020.

Chips Challenges to Continue Until 2022-ZFCEO

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