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City of Tshwane to pursue defaulting township buyers – SABC News

The City of Tshwane is looking for customers whose bills are in arrears as part of its revenue collection program.

The city says it is finalizing the logistics of going after delinquent customers, made up of residents, businesses and government agencies with delinquent bills.

Township customers in the city’s seven regions owe the City of Tshwane R7.3 billion, with customers in Mamelodi and Nellmapius suffering the highest debt of more than R2.1 billion.

This is followed by Soshanguve customers who owe the city more than R1.1 billion.

Selby Bokaba, a city spokeswoman, said illegal connections are also being monitored.

“Between 01 and 08 July 2022, the city affected 22 more interruptions to 11 residential and 11 business violators, who were also fined a total of Rs 12 lakh. Our technicians are currently regularly checking all meters that have been disconnected after some unscrupulous customers found out that they were illegally turning the power back on right after being disconnected, following a criminal pattern,” adds Bokaba.

The video below is about the Tshwane Ya Tima initiative:

Tshwane to pay off R876 million owed to Eskom

Last week the City of Tshwane met Thursday [July 7] deadline to pay Eskom a debt of nearly R900 million after the power utility rejected the municipality’s settlement offer.

Before the city paid, the power company said that a the city does not pay negatively contributed to its own growing overdue debt of over R46.6bn.

Recently, the city launched the Tshwane ya Tima campaign to recover all electricity and utility money.

The move saw government agencies, businesses and residents disconnect for non-payment and fined those who reconnected illegally.

City of Tshwane to pursue defaulting township buyers – SABC News

Source link City of Tshwane to pursue defaulting township buyers – SABC News

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