Civil society groups urge President Ramaphosa to release his version of town robbery – SABC News

As calls continue for President Cyril Ramaphosa to take the country into their confidence and give their version of events on the so-called Farmgate story, civic organizations have added their voice and urged the president to speak out on the issue and not wait for an investigation into the 2020 robbery on him. Limpopo town evolving.

Last week, churches and a number of NGOs were criticized by EFF leader Julius Malema, who accused them of keeping quiet about the allegations against Ramaphosa.

Malema was harsh in his remarks about what he called “the silent voice of churches and NGOs”.

“These hypocrites of the Church are right now because their favorite is participating now, there is also a defining silence from all the arrested NGOs that have been proving to be anti-corruption and demanding responsibility from a party they do not support in ruling the party,” he said. Malema.

Outa, the head of legal affairs, Stephanie Fick, says she is not convinced that the claims of former director of the National Security Agency Arthur Fraser are true.

“If you just look at the facts of the case, what civil society is doing is waiting for the right facts to come out. I mean accuse the sitting president of money laundering because he clearly has money stored in furniture, there are pictures of something, the weirdest thing about this is that there is so much that is heard. It really strikes a chord with his tangible evidence. “

Response to President Ramaphosa’s response to his farmers’ history: Professor Bheki Mngomezulu

Corruption Watch said the allegations were “alarming” and urged the president to speak out.

Karam Singh, head of Corruption Watch, says: “It is really up to the President not to hide behind the idea of ​​an investigation, but to make us believe. The President has enough credit for civil society and the country in terms of his stance against corruption, we have seen real progress in certain aspects of the fight against corruption under this President.

The Secretary-General of the South African Church Council, Bishop Malusi Mpumlwana, has also responded and asked South Africans to ask for the truth to be revealed in this case.

“We were a little disturbed by the allegations made about the theft of money from the President’s farm and its alleged aftermath. Jesus. Christ says that you will know the truth and the truth will set you free. “

At the same time, the EFF says that Ramaphosa should not remain in office, but should step aside until the results of an investigation into this matter are available.

Phala Phala farm I President Ramaphosa is ready to step down if he is charged with a criminal offense:

Civil society groups urge President Ramaphosa to release his version of town robbery – SABC News

Source link Civil society groups urge President Ramaphosa to release his version of town robbery – SABC News

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