Conflict in Ukraine will not have only winners, warns UN chief – SABC News

UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres has warned that Ukraine is being destroyed in the eyes of the world, with the impact on civilians who reached alarming proportions when he called for peace and diplomacy.

Guterres was discussing the devastating effects of the Russian invasion and military strike on Ukraine, as concerns about growing hunger and declining supply of water and medicine there.

The United Nations chief also pointed to the wider consequences of the current conflict over the world economy, with a growing sense that the poorest regions of the world would suffer the widest economic consequences of these conflicts – an environment that could lead to growing political instability and unrest.

“Ukraine is on fire …”

The Secretary-General does not mince words – pointing out that Russian troops used roads, airports and schools – infrastructure that is now in ruins; with a growing humanitarian crisis, an increasing number of refugees, a domestic exodus and a growing shortage of important supplies.

“With each passing hour, two things become clearer: First of all, it’s getting worse. Second – whatever the outcome, this conflict will have no winner, only a loser.

Guterres announced an additional $ 40 million from the United Nations Emergency Response Fund to increase assistance to the most vulnerable in the region, but noted the growing international dimension of this conflict, especially in developing countries.

“Even before the conflict, developing countries were struggling to recover from the pandemic – with record inflation, rising interest rates and an impending debt burden. Their ability to respond has been wiped out by exponential increases in funding costs. Now their bread basket is being blown up. Russia and Ukraine account for more than half of the world’s supply of sunflower oil and about 30% of the world’s wheat. Ukraine alone accounts for more than half of the International Food Program’s wheat supply. Prices of food, fuel and fertilizers are rising. Supply chains are being disrupted. And the cost and delays in transporting imported goods – when they are available – are at record highs. “

He warned that this development was sowing the seeds of political instability and unrest around the world.

“The FAO World Food Price Index is at its highest level ever. 45 African countries and the least developed countries import at least a third of their wheat from Ukraine or Russia – 18 of those countries import at least 50%. This applies to countries such as Burkina Faso, Egypt, the Republic of Congo, Lebanon, Libya, Somalia, Sudan and Yemen. We must do everything possible to avert a famine and the melting of the world food system. In addition, we see clear indications that this war is depleting resources and distractions from other troubled areas in dire need. “

He also said that the increase in the level of preparedness of the Russian nuclear forces was a direct development – adding that the prospects for a nuclear conflict were now back on track.

Conflict in Ukraine will not have only winners, warns UN chief – SABC News

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