Cooke brother and sister duo with home field advantage ahead of Lifesaving Championships

Chelsea Cooke. (Image credit: Lifesaving SA)

Sports24in partnership with DHL and Lifesaving SA, previews the athletes expected to splash in the surf or sizzle in the sand at the DHL Lifesaving National Club Championships 2022, March 20-26 in Gqeberha.

Kings Beach’s Keegan and Chelsey Cooke will look to use home field advantage to take their form to the local scene for Team South Africa, where they will represent Kings Beach Surf Lifesaving Club at the LSA National Champs.

Chelsey, who recently competed in the Africa Lifesaving Championship in Egypt, played a role in Team South Africa’s first overall finish by finishing first in the Tube Rescue, fourth in the Beach Flags and fifth in the Long Run (2km). She also competed in the Beach Runs and Surf & Rescue events.

Keegan also played his part for South Africa on the international stage at the African Championships, overcoming some tough competition from the Egyptians and Moroccans to win the men’s 2km beach run and also contributing to Team South Africa’s success.

Already part of the provisional men’s squad for Team South Africa, 25-year-old Keegan has the added incentive of attending the national championships to help form the final squad for the World Cup, to be held in Italy later this year will. As is his younger sister Chelsey, who is one of 10 in the interim women’s senior team.

 Keegan Cooke

Keegan Cooke is on course for victory for Kings Beach at the 2021 LSA National Championships. (Photo credit: Lifesaving SA)

The sport is in the genes of the Cooke family, whose father has been a lifeguard for many years, but Keegan also credits his success to Porky Lynch, who has been with him since childhood and is still a leading support structure today.

As an established senior and representative of Team South Africa, much of Keegan’s strength comes from his skills as a professional triathlete, favoring all swimming events as well as cross-country skiing. However, when asked about his specializations, Cooke added that “while the swim and run events align with my main sport (triathlete), I still try to do as much as possible.

Chelsey, who enrolled at Collegiate Girls High School in 2021, represented the EP lifesaving team and was a top competitor for Kings Beach Surf Lifesaving Club for many years. She specializes in beach events but also participates in sea events.

At last year’s National Champs, Chelsey enjoyed multiple podium finishes, while Keegan was named Best Man in Open Surf competition along with Iron Man winner Wade Krieger from Durban Surf.

 Keegan Cooke

Keegan Cooke will represent Team South Africa at the 2022 African Lifesaving Championships in Egypt. (Photo: Lifesaving SA)

With lifesaving in South Africa being so strong at the moment, competition at the National Champs will be tough for the brother-sister duo, but Keegan has been wary of singled out competitors, saying: “Everyone is on the starting line a big competitor. I respect everyone who races.”

With the siblings’ success at last year’s national champions, riding their recent form for Team South Africa and the added aim of seeing each other race in Riccione, Italy later this year, the Cooke family will provide the seniors with some of the toughest competition , in her backyard in Gqeberha.

DHL Lifesaving SA

DHL Lifesaving SA

Cooke brother and sister duo with home field advantage ahead of Lifesaving Championships

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