Coronavirus-Niger: US Donates 398,970 Pfizer Vaccines to Niger

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The US Embassy in Niger is pleased to announce the arrival of 398,970 doses of the Pfizer vaccine that the United States shares with Niger through COVAX as a gift from the American people. The vaccine arrived in Niamey on January 8, 2022. The United States shares these doses safely, fairly, and without strings tied to the sole purpose of saving lives.

The third donation in the United States will be added to the 974,400 Johnson & Johnson donations made to Niger since July 2021. Safe and effective vaccines are the best tool to end a pandemic, and the United States has promised to buy and donate. 1.2 billion COVID-19 vaccine doses worldwide. To date, the United States has vaccinated more than 110 countries with more than 275 million doses. The commitment to provide the COVID-19 vaccine to the 92 Gavi Advance Market Commitment Economy and African Union member states continues President Biden’s commitment to strengthen the fight against the global epidemic.

“This additional donation of the COVID-19 vaccine dose will help Nigers protect themselves from COVID-19,” said the US Embassy of Niamey Chargé d’Affaires Susan Ngarnim. “The United States offers these vaccines (unconditional donations) because it fully supports its partners in the global battle with COVID-19. Vaccine all qualified Nigers. And it is advisable to protect yourself and your loved ones. “

As US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken said, “The pandemic of COVID-19 is not just a health crisis. It’s also an economic crisis. We have to rebuild – and we have to rebuild better. Must be. “

The dose of vaccine donated to Niger is part of the Biden Harris administration’s commitment to share the US vaccine supply with the world. As the United States continues to fight the COVID-19 pandemic domestically and strives to end the global pandemic, President Biden has promised the United States to become the world’s arsenal of vaccines.

Distributed by the APO Group on behalf of the US Embassy in Niger.

Coronavirus-Niger: US Donates 398,970 Pfizer Vaccines to Niger

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