Court finds Umsunduzi municipality unconstitutional-SABC News

The Pietermaritzburg High Court has found that the Umsunduji municipality is unconstitutional due to poor management of the New England road reclaimed land.

During Level 4 of the blockade last year, a fire in a landfill in Pietermaritzburg burned for several days, causing discomfort to residents and disrupting traffic due to heavy soot and toxic gases that filled the air.

This has led the South African Commission on Human Rights (SAHRC) to bring the municipality to court for mismanagement of the site.

The landfill on New England Road, in stark contrast to its name … and now looks like a shrine of waste. Waste occupies 90% of the land. The stench is so terrible that it is left gasping even through the mask.

Environmentalists say the landfill is the cause of some fires that have swallowed Pietermaritzburg in recent years. The release of powerful toxic gases poses a serious threat to both the sustainability of the environment and the formal and informal dwellings that live in the area.

Last year, after a week of burning, commuters were caught in traffic for hours and complained of black soot.

Lloyd Lots, a defender of SAHRC in KwaZulu-Natal, says their focus was on fighting for people living in poorer environments.

“Everyone has the right to a healthy environment and our focus was to fight for the communities that live in that environment. It held the municipalities accountable and now how they go. It is a very important decision as we have to give a detailed report on what to do again in court with all parties. “

The court found that the Umsunduzi municipality was unconstitutional.

Court finds Umsunduzi municipality unconstitutional-SABC News

Source link Court finds Umsunduzi municipality unconstitutional-SABC News

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