Covid-19 Wrap: IDF opens treatment center, Trump virus-free, new UK restrictions

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Global figures

At least 37,297,350 cases of coronavirus have been officially recorded worldwide. Of that number, at least 25,763,900 are now considered recovered.

After the United States, Brazil reported 150,198 deaths out of 5,082,637 cases, India 108,334 deaths out of 7,053,806 cases, Mexico 83,642 deaths out of 814,328 cases and the United Kingdom 42,760 out of 590,844 case.

Trump back in campaign

Declaring himself to be good again, US President Donald Trump is returning to the campaign after his doctors say he is no longer contagious because of his Covid-19 infection. This week, he will campaign in Florida, Pennsylvania and Iowa for the Nov. 3 election.

IDF opens coronavirus unit

Israel on Sunday opened a new coronavirus treatment center co-managed by the military’s medical corps, an unprecedented move for the military unit, aimed at strengthening a struggling health system. The Jewish state currently has one of the highest per capita daily coronavirus infection rates in the world, with the number of critically ill patients rising steadily. The military-backed unit at Rambam Hospital in the northern city of Haifa includes a control room where patients are monitored by video and an underground coronavirus room that was once a parking lot.

New UK restrictions

British leader Boris Johnson will present new restrictions in parliament on Monday, which are expected to be a new three-tier lockdown system as viral infections rise, particularly in northern England. Its chief strategic adviser Edward Lister has written to MPs representing seats in the north of England, following a meeting with regional leaders to warn them that it is “very likely” that the region will have to submit. to stricter rules.

Roland-Garros: empty stands

With the men’s final between Novak Djokovic and Rafael Nadal, Roland-Garros ends Sunday afternoon after its fifteen matches disrupted by the pandemic. The 2020 edition of the French Grand Slam tennis championship took place four months after its usual spring schedule with almost empty stands. Public attendance was reduced at the beginning of September to 11,500 people, then to 5,000 and finally 1,000 spectators per day on the site to respond to stricter antivirus control.

Covid-19 Wrap: IDF opens treatment center, Trump virus-free, new UK restrictions

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