Cricket SA dismisses former Chief Commercial Officer Kugandri Gobender

Kugandri Gobender (Garo)

Cricket South Africa (CSA) announced on Saturday that it had fired its former chief commercial. Kugandri GobenderLast year, I was also the CEO of the company.

Govender was issued a suspension notice on December 14, 2020. This was a few days after Welsh Gwaza, the secretary of the recruited company, was also suspended by the then interim board of directors.

She was accused of “Illegal activity while serving as CEO and CEO of CSA.”

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Gobender Temporarily resurrected After being put in her post in February this year, it was stopped again by the CSA.

“”The issue is now being concluded after a lengthy disciplinary process involving Kugandrie Govender, the currently suspended Chief Commercial Officer.“The CSA statement said.

“”Disciplinary Tribunal Chair Terry Motau, SC advocate, no longer has a continuous partnership between Ms. Gobender and the CSA, especially given the seriousness of Ms. Gobender’s illegal activities and the infringement of trust.

“”Gobender’s employment ended immediately.

“”The proceedings against Ms. Gobender were the last of the pending disciplinary matters that the CSA had to conclude. The CSA believes that the final decision on this disciplinary action is important for the stabilization of the commercial business unit.

“”The fact that the issue has been concluded ensures that the CSA is entering a new trajectory of servicing cricket matches and firmly focusing on relocating relationships with its stakeholders and partners. It’s also a necessary step to do... “

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Cricket SA dismisses former Chief Commercial Officer Kugandri Gobender

Source link Cricket SA dismisses former Chief Commercial Officer Kugandri Gobender

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