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Cryptocurrencies stabilized on Friday, with bitcoin recovering from a 16-month low after a volatile week controlling the fall of TerraUSD profits, known as stablecoin.

Crypto reports have been used by marketers of risky investments worried about high interest rates and rising interest rates, but have begun to show signs of recovery.

While the near-term situation of the crypto market is difficult to predict, the worst could come, said Juan Perez, director of trade at Monex USA in Washington.

He said, “Perhaps now that all the obstacles are hindering global growth as well as clear financial incentives, perhaps we will start to see ongoing change,” he said.

Bitcoin, the largest cryptocurrency by market value, rose 4.85% to $ 29,925, rebounding in December 2020-low of $ 25,400 which hit Thursday.

Despite falling below $ 31,000 on Friday, bitcoin is still below last week — around $ 40,000 — unless there is a major weekend rally ahead. for the seventh consecutive weekly record.

Stifel Chief Equity strategist Barry Bannister said bitcoin still has a downward trend of about $ 15,000.

“Bitcoin is also GDP-sensitive, because bitcoin fell after the PMI Manufacturing index fell, as we expect (within the third quarter of 2022), indicating the last, capitulatory bitcoin drop has power is still going strong, ”he added.

Ether, the second-largest cryptocurrency in terms of caps, also gained 6.48% to $ 2,051.

Tether, the largest stablecoin that developers say supports the dollar, returned to $ 1, after falling 95 cents on Thursday.

TerraUSD, however, the stable currency, which is believed to be the dollar, continued to depreciate, by 14 cents, according to data tracker CoinGecko. It has been suspended by the US Treasury since May 9.

Net worth of crypto currencies rose 6.6% to $ 1.35 trillion on Friday, CoinGecko data showed.

Extensive financial trading has not yet seen a small increase from cryptocurrency crashes. Ratings firm Fitch said in a note on Thursday that a weak link in the regulated currency market would limit the potential for crypto market volatility leading to a major financial crisis.

James Crycolm, FX chief strategist at UBS, said, “Crypto is still small and the inclusion of crypto in the broad currency market is still small.”

Ewezuga Bitcoin

Crypto-related prices have continued to melt in the market, but on Friday, the Coinbase trader (COIN.O) rose 16% to $ 67.87, though it is still down 28% for the week.

The market price of cryptocurrencies has fallen sharply since November, but the decline has turned alarming in recent sessions by hitting stablecoins.

Stablecoins are a symbol of the value of traditional currencies, usually US dollars, and are an important means of moving money between crypto currencies or for converting balances into fiat currencies.

Cryptocurrency markets were shaken this week by the fall of TerraUSD (UST), which weakened 1: 1 peg to the dollar.

The stability of the coin, which includes its arrangement with a free-floating cryptocurrency called Luna, ceased to function when Luna fell close to zero.

“For these types of stablecoins, the market is reliable and the supplier is holding enough water assets that they will be able to sell during market pressures,” analysts at Morgan Stanley said in a statement.

Another stablecoin operating company called Tether said it has significant assets in Treasuries, funds, bond bonds and other financial markets.

But stablecoins could face further tests if traders trade, and analysts are concerned that pressure could enter the stock market if it increases.

Fitch said cryptocurrencies and digital currencies could face “significant negative consequences” if investors rely on stablecoins, as more regulated financial institutions have expanded their exposure to the sector and in recent months.

Crypto world stable as rock rocks stablecoins – SABC News

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