Curious, tell strangers … not about them

A StrangerKind welcomes ASK programs to connect different people with Human rights day (March 21) at Watershed, V&A Waterfront in Cape Town.

Be curious, talk to strangers

The infinity of human ingenuity is the driving force behind discovery, innovation and innovation that constantly changes our world experience. Still, when we come to places we do not know, most of us have a strong sense of humor. We may be anxious about the meaning, the ignorance or the judgment, or we may not know if it is good to ask the questions we have.

That’s why A StrangerKind welcomes Ask questions, to connect with people who are different from us personally, to meet people we would never have had the opportunity to be and to be curious rather than bragging about others.

“It’s about bringing people together for discussion and having the ability to ask ‘foreigners’ questions about their lives,” says founder, Madi van Schalkwyk.

“We often find ourselves enjoying and enjoying ourselves through negative conversations with strangers. That may be because the person is very different from us, but it may also be because we find that we share, ”he continued.

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Where can you get the requested event?

This question is posed in the program itself in an informal public space – open to the public.

  • You can find it on 21 March at the ASK Human Rights Day event at the Mezzanine Tower, 17 Centers in Watershed, V&A Waterfront, Cape Town from 11:00 – 15:00.
  • Online events: Wednesday, April 6, 17:00 – 19:00

Some of the ‘foreigners’ you can meet there include

  • Kgotso, a young man who survived cancer who looked forward to death and realized his purpose
  • Fanie, a deaf radiologist with a cochlear implant explaining the concept of disability.
  • Carmen is a volunteer child who has no regrets
  • Pastor Craven is a mediator in group disputes
  • Martina, an HIV + recovering life-changing addict in Hanover Park

Arriving at the event, you set your favorite topic from the list and available time space. During one-on-one conversations, ‘Foreigners’ share their stories, experiences or lifestyles related to the topic, and in the remaining 45 minutes, you will ask them anything about it. While individual events are usually held in Cape Town and Johannesburg, Ask Ask programs are also held in connection with a growing national network trained by 80+ volunteers.

A StrangerKind also provides lectures and tutorials for companies and groups looking to promote diversity and inclusion. Van Schalkwyk said, “Many organizations and groups seek to use strategies to promote social interaction between their members or their employees.”

Van Schalkwyk went on to say, “They want a plan for this, but they also want it to be fun for everyone.

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Curious, tell strangers … not about them

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