cute! Enhle Mbali Tik Toks and her boy

Enhle Mbali She is not only the mother of her sons, but also a friend who is with them for fun activities.

The actress says she’s Tik Tok’s mom because she shared her video with two boys doing one of many acts of tik tok.

“I’m a ticking mom … so I’m a cool kid,” she captioned the video.

Enle seems to be a peaceful and happy mother, despite ongoing legal battles with her ex-husband, Black Coffee, who allegedly abused her during her marriage.

International DJs have claimed that he has never abused her, but Enle has repeatedly stated that she has been abused by DJs.

“I have been married, but now as a divorced spouse, I have endured gas lamps, emotional, verbal abuse, physical abuse, and financial abuse. As a result of abuse and extramarital negotiations, I The degree of turmoil he experienced in his marriage was so severe that I was admitted to the facility and treated for depression. The past five years have been painful and my children have been our children. He was an unfortunate witness to these abuse cases at home, “she revealed in a post now deleted.

cute! Enhle Mbali Tik Toks and her boy

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