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DA in Gauteng on election campaign, as ANC members march to Luthuli House to voice their grievances

With less than 50 days of the next local government, opposition parties are in full swing in the election campaign while the ANC is still grappling with internal scrambles to nominate candidates.

Dozens of ANC members from Gauteng, North West and Mpumalanga marched to Luthuli House to file complaints about the improper election of councilors before the deadline for candidate registration by the Election Commission ( CEI) on September 21.

DA’s Mogale City mayoral candidate Tyrone Gray has unveiled and flown the first of many mayoral campaign posters that would be displayed across town as DA ramps up efforts to win Mogale City.

Gray urged supporters and motorists on the busy streets of Krugersdorp to vote for his party on November 1.

He also urged voters to use the upcoming registration weekend on September 18-19 to ensure they are properly registered, saying the town of Mogale has great potential and that under a government led by the DA, they could get things done and get the municipality back. on track by restoring service delivery.

“The town of Mogale has immense potential, but unfortunately under the ANC the municipality is on the verge of collapse and is unable to provide even the most basic services to its residents. “

He said the cash flow constraints resulted in the loss of millions of rand in unnecessary and unnecessary expenses.

According to him, interest penalties on bulk service accounts have become a financial burden, claiming the municipality owed Eskom R390 million and Rand Water over R45 million.

“The town of Mogale has failed to upgrade its old and aging water reticulation system. There are development delays in the capacity building of wastewater treatment works.

“There is a huge delay in formalizing informal settlements and no plan is in place to address the housing backlog.

“The billing and reporting system requires extensive improvements to comply with section 95 of the Municipal Systems Act. Residents do not receive prompt answers to their questions and there is no adequate tracking system for updates regarding customer service.

“This is only the tip of the problems plaguing our beautiful city, and while it seems like an impossible task, let me assure you that, thanks to a government led by DA, we can get the municipality back on track.” , Gray said.

He said he was hoping for 51% electoral support to implement his plans, saying: “51% of your support allows us to comfortably rule the city and introduce a government backed by funds and generating surpluses.

“A government that can improve service delivery, support small businesses and create an environment where entrepreneurs based in Mogale City can thrive.

“What’s great about the DA are the well-established qualities of its DA public representatives. Representatives of the public who demonstrate compassion, responsibility, integrity, resilience, evidence-based decision-making and excellence, ”said Gray.

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DA in Gauteng on election campaign, as ANC members march to Luthuli House to voice their grievances

SourceDA in Gauteng on election campaign, as ANC members march to Luthuli House to voice their grievances

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