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DA Steenhuisen calls on South Africans to oppose huge fuel price hike – SABC News

South Africans will pay more than 25 rupees per liter for petrol from next week. This is due to the end of the government’s RUB 1.50 fuel tax rebate as well as the reported under-recovery of around Rs 2.30.

However, the Democratic Alliance is calling on South Africans to oppose growth. According to the party, this means a corruption tax because the money collected from the levy can be easily recovered by reducing corruption and waste.

Recently, due to a number of circumstances, South Africans have faced a sharp rise in fuel prices. These include the COVID-19 pandemic, the Russian-Ukrainian conflict, and the recent floods that have destroyed infrastructure in parts of the country.

While the government has taken steps to ease the burden on consumers by waiving part of the fuel tax, it is expected to end next month, resulting in record fuel prices.

DA chief John Steenhuisen says the timing is unfortunate: “Our citizens are struggling with an unemployment rate of 46 per cent, with power outages in the fourth phase affecting productivity, irrational COVID regulation, floods and droughts in the country, inflationary droughts. and food price inflation caused by the war in Ukraine caused by Russia’s invasion. “

At a press conference in Cape Town, he called on South Africans to unite behind the party’s call and oppose the increases, which he said is not inevitable.

“It’s time for South Africans to come together as a nation and say it’s been enough. We have to stand together to make it clear that we will not upset and accept the price of fuel, that is not normal and we must not accept that it cannot become a status quo in SA. ”

The party suggested three main ways to avoid fuel price increases.

The first is the abolition of the general fuel tax. In addition, the party wants the government to exempt those who already pay comprehensive third-party insurance from the road accident fund tax. It is also proposed to deregulate the price of petrol to encourage competition. According to Steenhuisen, the general fuel tax is a corruption tax.

“Road users are effectively reimbursing the National Treasury for taxpayer money lost due to corruption, maladministration and wasteful spending. By reducing wasteful spending such as reducing the size of the cabinet and the 8 billion a year burden of VIP protection for ministers and members of the executive body, a general fuel tax of Rs 3.93 per liter can be completely abolished. ”

DA Steenhuisen calls on South Africans to oppose huge fuel price hike – SABC News

Source link DA Steenhuisen calls on South Africans to oppose huge fuel price hike – SABC News

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