Dacia 2021 Net profit is growing

Romanian Renault subsidiary Automobile Dacia said its 2021 net profit rose 67% to 498 million lei ($ 107 million / 101 million euros), saying it did not expect its operations to have a significant impact. Russian invasion of Ukraine.

In 2021, Dacia sales increased by 17.2% to 21.4 billion lei, according to, citing Dacia’s website.

Sales of cars and auto components accounted for 90.5% of Dacia’s total sales and increased by 17.4% year-on-year, due to export growth of 20.7% to 81.3% in the EU.

Dacia sold 257,280 units in 2021, down 0.7%. The best-selling model was the Duster, which accounted for 75.5%, followed by the Sandero, Logan, Logan MCV and Jogger.

“Sales in 2021 have been hit by a health crisis caused by a corovirus pandemic and a shortage of electronic components,” Dacia said.

He did not expect his actions to have a significant impact on the Ukraine war and international sanctions on Russia. However, he noted that the war in Ukraine is expected to have a significant impact on economic entities operating in Ukraine, Russia and Belarus, affect liquidity and contribute to strong increases in prices for oil, natural gas, metals and minerals, and crops.

Dachia took the lead SeeNews Ranking of the 100 largest companies by total revenue in South East Europe over the last seven years.

Dacia 2021 Net profit is growing

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