Daily noon briefing highlights: Sudan

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The United Nations is concerned about the looting of three World Food Program (WFP) warehouses in El Fashar, northern Darfur. Over the course of several days starting December 28, three WFP warehouses were looted by armed perpetrators with the addition of some locals.

The three warehouses contained approximately 5,300 tonnes of food and therapeutic nutritional supplies to be distributed to the most vulnerable people in northern Darfur. WFP has announced that activities in Northern Darfur will be suspended until further notice. Outages can affect nearly 2 million people. WFP has four more warehouses in four locations in the state: Kebkabiya, Kutum and Sortony.

No injuries or deaths have been reported and all WFP staff are responsible and safe, but it is essential to protect humanitarian assets and personnel from such malicious behavior.

It will be distributed by the APO Group on behalf of the Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA).

Daily noon briefing highlights: Sudan

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