Dangers of CS ‘Charity Capitalism’

Princeton University has a research center that studies “digital technologies of public life.” The research center operates a website with commentary and analysis “in a digital frontier written by the center’s faculty, students and friends”.

Longtime Slashdot Reader Theodp Summarizing the site’s recent warnings about the dangers of “charitable capitalism” in the ominous remark that “the tech industry controls CS meeting funding”.

Princeton Research Fellow Klaudia Jazwinska said, “Research into the impact of computing technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI) on society relies heavily on financial support from the companies that produce those technologies. The Dangers of ‘Charity Capitalism’. “Companies like Google, Microsoft, IBM spend millions of dollars Each year, some of the world’s leading institutions sponsor labs, faculty, and doctoral programs and conferences in fields such as computer science (CS) and AI ethics. Industry is a major consumer of academic CS research, and 84% of CS professors receive at least some industry funding.”

“The reliance on large corporations and the resources they control can place significant restrictions on the kinds of CS studies that are offered, funded, and published. The technology industry plays a large role in determining what is worth reviewing and what isn’t. It is framed. […] Therefore, a reasonable range for the study is Formed by something valuable to a technology company. There is little incentive for these companies to fund academic research on issues they consider unrelated or marginal to their priorities.”

“Given the degree of financial entanglement between big tech and academia, it may be unrealistic to expect CS scholars to completely reject industry funding,” said Jazwinska. It sets higher standards and greater transparency for sponsorship..

Dangers of CS ‘Charity Capitalism’

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