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Dave Chappelle assault suspect charged with assault – SABC News

In the photos of the suspect sitting in the ambulance, his face is visibly abraded and his right arm is visibly displaced or broken.

Police later identified 23-year-old Isaiah Lee, who was jailed for a $ 30,000 bond after being charged.

According to online prison records, Lee was not immediately assigned to court.

No news was received from authorities about the motive for the attack, which, according to The Los Angeles Times, unfolded after a routine in which Chappelle in a business suit talked more about personal safety these days and introduced her own security guard. stage.

Chappelle retaliated last year over material featured in Netflix’s special comedy “The Closer,” which some members of the LGBTQ community have branded as transgender. Proponents of the comedian saw the material in question as a cry “against the renunciation of culture.

The comedian himself referred to the debate from the stage shortly after he was fought on Tuesday and whispered, “He was a transgender man,” which sparked laughter from the crowd.

The attack came when a humorist who directed the multi-act show “Dave Chappelle and Friends” recognized the producer who worked in the show’s DJ booth.

The video of the incident shows the suspect rushing to the stage, apparently from the audience, slapping Chappelle with his upper body and slapping the comic’s ribs and chest with his shoulder.

Both men fell to the floor before getting up, and the suspect ran away, chasing Chappelle at first. A man’s start was out for a few seconds before they approached the back of the stage.

The incident sparked an immediate comparison with the clash between Smith and Rock at the Oscar night, an unprecedented incident at a worldwide event that raised concerns that other performers might face attacks from other performers.

“As unfortunate and disturbing as the incident was, Chappelle continued the show,” spokeswoman Carla Sims said in a statement in Wednesday, thanking Rock and comedian-actor Jamie Foxx for helping “reassure the crowd.”

After the attack, he said Chappelle performed the show’s last act, the Black Star hip-hop musical duo. Other comedians on the bill included Earthquake, Leslie Jones, Jeff Ross, Sebastian, Jon Stewart and Michelle Wolf.

Chappelle “fully cooperated with the active police investigation into the incident,” Sims said.

A spokesman for the Hollywood Bowl, one of Los Angeles ’most famous nightclubs, told Reuters they were investigating the case, but declined to comment further.

Dave Chappelle assault suspect charged with assault – SABC News

Source link Dave Chappelle assault suspect charged with assault – SABC News

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