David Attenborough told the United Nations that the world is dangerously approaching a “turning point”-SABC News

Sir David Attenborough, a British national historian, told the United Nations Security Council that the world is dangerously approaching a turning point and the world’s temperatures will be catastrophically high.

At the request of the President of the United Kingdom, the Council will play a role in tackling future threats to climate change to international peace and security, with increasing evidence that climate change constitutes a multiplier for threats. We were discussing the roles we could play. It may increase the risk of conflict.

“I know there are people all over the world who say this is all sorts of green from a tree-hugging tofu mancher and not suitable for international diplomacy or international politics. I couldn’t strongly oppose it. “

UK as chair of a conference on how climate change and rising temperatures contribute to crop crop failures, migration, and increased herder migration to strange areas in search of food for herds of cattle. Some of the opening remarks of Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

Attenborough said: “If we continue on our current path, we will face all the disruptions to ensure safety, such as food production, access to freshwater, habitable ambient temperatures, and the marine food chain, and the natural world is me. Many of the rest of the civilization will soon collapse if we can no longer support our most basic needs. Don’t get me wrong. Climate change is the greatest security threat faced by modern humans to date. “

* UN Prime Minister Antonio Guterres calls climate emergencies a crucial issue in our time and calls for more emphasis on prevention through strong and ambitious climate action.

* Immediate efforts to protect communities from frequent climate effects.

* Adopts a people-centric security concept.

* And the need to deepen partnerships across and beyond the United Nations.

“The COVID-19 pandemic shows the devastation that so-called non-traditional security threats can cause on a global scale. Preventing and coping with climate change-induced poverty, food insecurity and evacuation helps maintain peace. The Nobel Commission acknowledged this last year when it awarded the Nobel Peace Award to the World Food Program. Human rights, especially women’s rights, rule of law, inclusion and diversity. Respect for sexuality is the basis for resolving the climate crisis and building a more peaceful and stable society. “

President Uhuru Kenyatta of Kenya has drawn a direct link between climate and security in the context of Africa. “Nexus is already influencing Africa and the files dominate the agenda of your council. In this regard, if you say there are Africans, listen to us Africans. A clear link that urgently needs a solution because it has had a visible impact. Unfortunately, Africa will suffer the worst consequences of climate change, even though it has the least responsibility for greenhouse gases in the world. Predicted climate change suggests increased water insecurity, reduced agricultural yields, desert breaches and damage to coastal infrastructure in the future. “

The United States is trying to reaffirm its leadership role on this issue after rejoining the Paris Climate Agreement last week.

US Presidential Envoy John Kerry said: “Some argue that climate change is not the task of the UN Security Council. I just hope it is true, but in reality the threat of climate is so great and multifaceted. It is impossible to unleash it from the other challenges facing the Security Council. We bury our heads in the sand at our own risk. The climate crisis is like an urgent security threat. It’s time to start dealing with. “

At the COP26 Glasgow Climate Change Summit in November, the deadline for countries to work on deeper emission reductions has come.

David Attenborough told the United Nations that the world is dangerously approaching a “turning point”-SABC News

Source link David Attenborough told the United Nations that the world is dangerously approaching a “turning point”-SABC News

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