Delicious food in the fall to warm your soul

Enjoy your body and soul with delicious Chicken Tikka Masala. With so many flavors and a solid balance of delicious spices, this recipe is an unparalleled sense of taste. From autumn onwards, what is the sweet-smelling food that makes the fragrant air delicious?

Advice when preparing your Chicken Tikka Masala

The first step is to fold the chicken cubes into the marinade. If you do not have much time, ten minutes will do. However, if you have time to marinate chicken in an instant, you will taste different!

When rolling chicken cubes, make sure you do not overcook the skillet. You need to make sure that each piece of chicken turns brown one by one.

After removing the chicken from the pan, add the butter and start frying the onion. The secret here is to scrape off any chicken stuff in the bottom of the skillet. This will add great flavor to the dish.

With these few tips, you will have a Chicken Tikka Masala that you will not soon forget.

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Delicious food in the fall to warm your soul

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