Destroy the family with homemade pizza

Any weekend plans? Saturday night is for pizza and movies and family. A favorite pastime of many families is the famous Hawaiian Pizza.

It is the perfect combination of sweetness and sweetness packed on top of the hot string. Delicious mozzarella cheese topped with a pinch of salt or ham and slices of pineapple on each slice.

If you have the time and love to try recipes in your kitchen, you will be happy to know that this recipe also includes homemade pizza dough collection.

Advice when preparing Pizza of Hawaii

If you like to add a larger number of toppings than suggested in this configuration, you can do so. However, be careful not to overcook pizza because you can get soft pizza.

When cutting pineapples for pizza, dry them so that they do not get too wet in your pizza.

This delicious pizza will fit in there and become a weekly favorite with the family.

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Destroy the family with homemade pizza

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