DHET Investigating Mamkhize’s Bogus Honorary Doctorate

Mamkhize And Blade Nzimande

It looked so good that it wasn’t true, LOL! A few days ago, Mzansi was asked how the flashy businessman Shauwn Mkhize, commonly known as MaMkhize, would get an honorary doctorate.

This is after Mamkhize came out to thank his parents and bragging about how proud they should be, as both doctors are calm enough. “Call me President Mukize,” she said when she adorned her red graduation gown. She changed the title on social media to reflect the new title.

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But, shamefully, the Good Shepherd College of Religious and Cultural Training was found to be very illegal. In addition to not being registered, the institution does not even have its own website or educational domain, nor is it authorized to obtain a PhD. A PhD in Philosophy received by Mam Khize.

“Please note that Good Shepherd Religious Training College is not enrolled in the Department as a private higher education institution. We are currently investigating.” DHET (Higher Education and Training Bureau) said at the time.

Minister Blade Nzimande confirms the legitimacy of the program offered by the university prior to enrollment, without mentioning Shauwn Mkhize by name, to avoid being a prey to illegal activities, especially as the new school year approaches. I urged students (and honorary degree winners) to do so.

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Nzimande is said to be concerned about the ongoing and recently reported cases of fake institutions that award honorary doctorates to unsuspecting individuals, especially to local celebrities.

He also encouraged the general public to look up the registries of private higher education institutions and universities on the Higher Education and Training Department website at www.dhet.gov.za.

“I have already investigated with the Higher Education Council (CHE)
Advise on appropriate actions for all reported cases of these awards
A fake honorary degree, “said Minister Nzimande.

DHET Investigating Mamkhize’s Bogus Honorary Doctorate Source link DHET Investigating Mamkhize’s Bogus Honorary Doctorate

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