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One of the South Africans who died in Diepsloot earlier this week will be buried on Saturday. Khulekani Nzima, 29, was stabbed early Monday morning.

Police Minister Bheki Cele said between October and December of last year. 11 South Africans have died in Deepslut.

The murder has sparked community protests in town this week, with Cele deploying more police officers and patrol cars to Diepsloot.

Diepsloot Anxiety | The family of one of the victims who died over the weekend said:

Hundreds of people gathered under the white tent to pay their final tribute.

Struggling to hold back his tears, his grandfather rebuked the perpetrators. “Who would do this to see heaven, to live forever in this world? We are hurt and weep.”

Residents are dissatisfied with the behavior of some community leaders.

Cele said about 120 police officers, including police officers, were deployed to Diepsloot to monitor the situation.

Tensions have risen this week as some residents denounced undocumented foreigners for their high crime rates.

Meanwhile, President Cyril Ramaphosa has urged the public not to take the law into their own hands following unrest in Deepslut, north of Johannesburg.

Residents are urging law enforcement to take a proactive approach to crime and illegal immigration.

Earlier this week, a Zimbabwean citizen was killed because Deep Slut protesters were living illegally in Zimbabwe.

President Lamposa opposes forcing citizens to prove residency.

Diepsloot Crime Victims, Haven – SABC News

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