Digital protection push FNB

FNB, a financial services group, announces a new set of digital tools that enable individual and corporate customers to manage and update information and ensure compliance through a reliable and secure financial services platform. Did.

As data privacy and protection continue to gain worldwide attention, FNB customers will be able to access digitally Business Profile solutions through personalized My Profile and FNB apps and online banking. ..

Upon logging in, customers have access to secure My Profile or Business Profile tools to view and update their personal and contact information, use location finder technology on their mobile devices to update their address details, and their ID’s at the Home Office. You can see the details instantly. ..

The bank says these management tools are more than just an online information update system, they offer many other benefits to FNB customers.

In addition to the convenience of being able to keep your personal and business information up-to-date, instantly and safely, without the need for time-consuming paperwork and queuing, banks provide the most relevant information. Have the latest information you need. A personalized solution to your needs, without delays due to regulatory breaches, knowing your current or future customers.

Jacques Celliers, FNB’s Chief Executive Officer, said: “Today, consumers and business owners need to ensure that information is not only protected and secure, but also correct. It’s more of a sense of security than managing personal and business information completely and safely. With confidence”

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Digital protection push FNB

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