Dis-Chem expects interim earnings to jump up to 37.6%

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Pharmaceutical chain store Dis-Chem said yesterday that it expected earnings per share and headline earnings per share to be announced between 47.7c and 49.5c for the six months to August 31st. rice field. This is an increase of 32.6% to 37.6%. Comparison period.

A competition court on October 8 said it had approved a deal with Kaelo Holdings, a company that makes health care accessible to less wealthy South Africans.

Dis-Chem announced on December 21, 2020 that it has entered into a contract with Kaelo’s founding shareholders and management to acquire Kaelo’s outstanding share capital and 25% of shareholder claims.

“This transaction positions Dis-Chem to enhance the delivery of care in a rapidly evolving primary care environment, along with previous investments and acquisitions. Both Dis-Chem and Kaelo are affordable and quality. We are committed to playing a leading role in ubiquitous access to high-end private primary health care. “

Dis-Chem will pay the company up to R9 195 million, subject to the company’s performance hurdles for the entire period of 2022. When the transaction is completed, R160m will be paid.

Dis-Chem announced that it will announce the results for the six months ending August 31, 2021 on November 3.

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Dis-Chem expects interim earnings to jump up to 37.6%

Source link Dis-Chem expects interim earnings to jump up to 37.6%

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